SEOUL, South Korea, July 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Yuyu Pharma, a Korean pharmaceutical company celebrated its third year of implementing Yuyu’s compliance management system by inviting senior management to its "Self-Compliance Day" workshop.

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Every year through this workshop, Yuyu Pharma’s Compliance Team has helped employees gain a better understanding of the compliance management system process and share best practices. The team has also trained senior management on how to identify the right employees to lead the implementation of that system. Training includes planning what resources are available and what is needed to develop a stronger compliance system at a local level, identifying roles and responsibilities of a compliance leader and team members, and drafting appropriate job descriptions.
Robert Wonsang Yu, Chief Operating Officer of Yuyu, said "Talented People, Vibrant Corporate Culture, and Compliance are key components to Yuyu’s future growth and success. I hope through this workshop that our employees will become better managers and can help the company grow in line with global standards."
Since 2016, Yuyu Pharma has implemented several changes to improve transparency. The Yuyu Pharma Compliance Team was commissioned to developed compliance procedures and guidelines for all departments, especially for sales and marketing teams. A Compliance Management Committee convenes on a monthly basis to review team progress. Furthermore, Yuyu’s IT and Finance departments have upgraded the company’s expense reporting system to create a paperless system.
About Yuyu Pharma
Yuyu Pharma is a pharmaceutical company and was founded in 1941. The company manufactures, distributes, and does marketing for pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and medical foods in South Korea and Southeast Asia.
Yuyu Pharma is focusing on developing new drugs for treating enlarged prostates and dry eye syndrome.
YY-201, a drug to treat enlarged prostate glands. The drug contains the components of two widely used prostate drugs, but the tablets have been reduced in size so patients can take them more easily, according to the firm.
The dry eye drug, YDE, is in a preclinical stage, and the company said it confirmed the new drug does not have side effects such as irritation or diminished sense of taste, while it has improved lubrication and anti-inflammatory properties.
Yuyu Pharma will continue to promote open innovation with a variety of outside experts, including venture companies and academia that share our beliefs about the direction of new drug development. The results of a study demonstrating that Yuclid is effective in treating carotid stent patients with impaired platelet function were published in the SCI journal "Frontiers in Neurology." Yuclid is an anti-platelet prescription drug developed by Yuyu Pharma and launched in 2008. Yuyu Pharmaceutical has presented the results of a recent in vivo study for its YDE program – the peptide-based dry eye treatment – at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO 2019) held in Vancouver, Canada.

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