Benefits of a Regular Pilates Routine

As a gentle yet challenging workout, pilates is one of the best ways to tone your body and increase muscle strength without adding bulk. Pilates has gained a lot of attention over the decade and it is no wonder. This discipline lengthens and tones muscles, adds core...

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HOW EXERCISE HELPS STRENGTHEN BONES Bones are considered as frameworks of the human body. It serves a myriad of functions such as protection, support, and movement. Because bones grow, age, and weaken with time, are there any ways on how to strengthen our bones? Yes....

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Fitness 101: Choosing the Right Workout for You

Fitness 101: Choosing the Right Workout for You     What’s Your Fitness Level? Are you a total couch potato? Former athlete? Occasional marathon runner? Knowing your fitness level is the most important factor in choosing the right workout for you. That’s because your...

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Diet vs. Exercise – Which is More Important?

Diet vs. Exercise – Which is More Important?   Myth: If you stop eating, you’ll lose weight and look sexier.   Fact: Yes, if you stop eating, you will become smaller. That’s because the body is basically eating itself from the inside out. That’s NOT good. It starts by...

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Keeping Fit After 50

Staying fit and healthy at all times is very important.  Keeping fit prevents several health problems from happening.  These days, it is highly recommended that people keep fit by doing regular exercise and maintaining a full, balanced diet.  This...

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Walking to lose weight

If you are overweight, obese, or have a few love handles that you find a nuisance, then you might have been advised by your doctor to lose the pounds. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to keep blood cholesterol levels down, meaning decreasing the risk for...

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Healthy Snacks to carry in your Bag

Staying fit and healthy involves a combination of factors – exercise, proper diet, adequate rest and sleep, and controlling stress. People understand the need to look good and feel good, as it not only gives innumerable health benefits, but also it often propels them...

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Starting an exercise routine

  Our choices and preferences may bring changes in our lives where we need to focus on our set goals. Opting to start an exercise routine may be one of them. It may be difficult for many individuals to start an exercise routine especially if they are used to a...

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Ways to keep fit with a busy lifestyle

In our quest to find success and meaning in life, we strive hard in every possible way to excel in all aspects of our lives. This has become the main reason why people get very busy at home and at work. Sedentary lifestyles have been very common causing many health...

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Diet Pitfalls

In a weight- obsessed world, there is a plethora of reasons as to why people go on a diet. Some are at an unhealthy weight and need to revamp their eating and exercise habits. Some want to be in top physical condition to be able to play their favourite sport...

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