Own body fat for enhancement of body

– aesthetic and reconstructive. The excess fat in the body is often viewed as unhealthy deposit that will distort the anatomy of the body making it disproportionate. In desperation the affected person would often seek medical solutions to get rid of these unsightly...

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Keeping your Hair Healthy

Your hair is so much a part of yourself. How it looks can complement the other features of your face and body and add allure to your over-all personality. Naturally, you would want to keep it smooth, shiny, lustrous, sweet smelling and manageable. But, most days is a...

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FOODS THAT BOOST SKIN HEALTH Beautifying and improving the conditions of our skin has always been a front liner in beauty industries worldwide. When you look at health stores, you can see the myriad of products created to improve texture, clarity, and take away...

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Treating Acne

Treating Acne Acne is a very unpleasant sight to see on anyone, as it affects body image, people’s first impression of you, and your confidence. With the environment that we have today, a lot of people are now suffering from varying bouts of acne, and are seeking ways...

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Homemade skin care recipes

  In terms of human anatomy, the skin is the largest organ of our body. It is found all over our body because it covers all our internal organs. The skin as we know it divided is in three layers, namely the epidermis, dermis, and the subcutaneous layers. The skin’s...

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