Around the same time last year Singapore welcomed a new chapter in the travel industry’s journey of discovery and discourse with the 13th WiT Better Travel . It was a path towards the looking glass and a step forward for all to embrace new thinking, new technology and new avenues of doing business.

This paved the way forward  to look at travel and technology as one, to create better travel , and to make the world a better place. Participants were taken through three days of educational and enlightening in Bootcamp and Conference that gathered travel professionals from different countries.

Indeed, the 13th WiT Better Travel was an  platform to spread the five values  of Openness, Diversity, Creativity, Love  and Respect  for industry players to better their game and make travel a top-of-mind demand in this new connected world.

Industry leaders with thought-provoking ideas, technocrats focussed on crating better travel products, new players with disruptive platforms and outstanding individuals with a passion for doing their best were amongst the arena of travel starts that gave participants a bag full of knowledge and excitement to take home to ponder and apply. What more can one ask for all at one place that echoes the same frequency of thought for Better Travel?

The journey has begun, and the journey will continue into the 14th WiT !