“…it was like I was a virgin all over again!”



Sex is a form of expression of love, intimacy and a channel for reproduction. However, like all things beautiful, it is not eternal. Age, disease, stress and emotion do influence sexual behavior. When the female sexual anatomy has been damaged by childbirth, ageing or physical trauma, it can cause a woman to have reduced sexual enjoyment or embarrassment during sexual intercourse.

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation (VR) is a form of surgical art to enhance the vagina functionally and aesthetically. It embodies reconstruction, giving the organ a fresh breath and a new lease of life.


Vaginal rejuvenation comprises one or more of the following:


• The tightening and repairing of weakened vaginal muscles that have loosened after child birth or with normal aging. See Figures 1, 2 & 3.



• Refreshing of large or uneven vaginal lips or labia which interferes with sex or cause discomfort when walking, or protrudes out from bikinis.


• Hymen repair to restore virginity.


First, I will discuss vaginal tightening in this article.


Vaginal Tightening

The muscles around the vagina are often loosened and weakened after childbirth or with aging. Vaginal tears suffered during giving birth often remain weak, poorly healed and appear uneven. Hence, during sexual intercourse, the vaginal tone is gone and the feeling of the partner’s penile penetration is lost. Without the close contact and friction with the penis, sexual excitement, fulfillment and satisfaction do not reach a climax. Frustration and disappointment often set in.


The procedure begins with marking the vaginal opening, before making incisions with the laser. The muscles in the vaginal wall are carefully tightened with layers of sutures. The amount of tension in tightening is very skill dependent and comes with years of experience. Extreme care must be taken not to damage the bladder, rectum and the G-spot region. Care must be taken to preserve good nerve and blood supply. The laser helps to reduce bleeding and maintain accuracy of the incisions.


After the muscles are tightened and adjusted to the desired tone, the vaginal mycosa and flaps are layered back to the original position. See Figure 4.


Post Operation Advice

As with any surgical procedure, the risks are bleeding, pain and infection. However, these risks are avoidable with good surgical skills, painkillers and good hygiene practice. The surgery requires a day’s stay or an overnight stay in the hospital. Patients are often advised not to have sex for at least 6 weeks. Often, patients can return to work in a few days. But gymnastics, dancing, horse riding and other strenuous sports should be avoided for a month.


Let me quote one of my patients’ experiences. Ethel is 37-years old and has a child from a first marriage. She had a previous vaginal surgery but was not satisfied.

Ethel’s experience:

In 2002, Ethel and her boyfriend Marc started sleeping together. “Marc and I had, and still have, sex three times a week. I wasn’t getting any satisfaction. When he entered and thrust, I felt loose down there. There was hardly any grip. If we had sex 10 times, I would only have an orgasm three out of those ten times. Of course, I didn’t tell Marc that I didn’t get any satisfaction from sex. Before I gave birth, I was ‘tight’, but childbirth changed everything. I didn’t want Marc thinking that he was a terrible lover. It was my problem, and I wanted to solve it as soon as possible. I am impatient. I wanted to see instant results.”


“I told Dr Lee, I wanted to tighten my vaginal musculature, re-fashion my vaginal opening or touch up my old episiotomy scar. In short, I wanted to have a 20 year’s old vagina,” she concluded.


Ethel’s procedure took two hours. She felt pain in her private parts for the first two days, but the pain subsided after. She had no problems going to the toilet, but sex was out of the question during the six week recuperation period.


“You know, I was worried about having sex with Marc after the procedure because I was getting tighter down there, and I was afraid sex might be painful. However, when we had sex, it felt so good; it was like I was a virgin all over again!”



Many women and couples have benefited from VR. Love and relationships have improved. Others have even claimed that they found the secret to keep their partners at home


Dr Lee Keen Whye

MBBS (Singapore), FRCOG (UK), FAMS (Singapore)

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Dr Lee is a Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at the Gleneagles Medical

Centre with special interest in hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. He has done

many international lectures and preceptored many endoscopic workshops in

Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, India and Myanmar. He is also a founding member

of the Asia-Pacific Association of Gynaecological Endoscopists (APAGE).

In 2003, Dr Lee was awarded the prestigious Benjamin Henry Sheares

Gold Medal by the Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Singapore.