Helping people realise their full health potential  is my goal

Chiu Soon Seng, Managing Director of HAP Global
The year was 2003 when Singapore witnessed it’s worst-ever SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) crisis. But it turned out to be blessing in disguise for Chiu Soon Seng, founder and managing director of HAP Global, a natural healing company dedicated to designing integrated natural healing regimes and herbal solutions. The Healthy Times caught up with Chiu recently, when he talked about his life-changing experience, the success of his company and its future course.

Tell us about 2003 and your life before that?

Chiu: When I graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, it was quite natural for me to take up a job as helicopter repairman, before leaving it to start my own business trading in electrical and electric components. But in 2003, I was struck with SARS and was in coma for 16 days before making a full recovery. Happy to be alive, I swore to turn my life around, take better care of my health, as well as encourage others to do the same. Over time, I developed an interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and other natural therapies such as Chinese Tui Na, Meridians, Tissues Manipulation (MTM) Therapy and Cellular nutrition solutions.

Please share what all you learned from these ancient therapeutic sciences?

Chiu: I learned that the best approach to educate people about the need for good health is tell them how good health is related to their outward appearance. And once the body’s natural balance is restored, the individual would naturally look better. This is what I call “beauty from the inside out”. My background in mechanical engineering also came to my use as it helped me visualise how a human body pretty much works like a machine with all parts being interconnected and integral to each other. For example, when we have puffiness under our eyes, it could be due to improper blood and lymphatic micro-circulation rather than a skin problem.

Then, how did HAP Global came about?

Chiu: I started this company in 2007 as the “Holistic Anti-ageing Project” as the company mission. It took nine months of careful planning and all the knowledge that I had gathered after my SARS crisis to realise my objective of making available holistic solutions incorporating natural healing regimes and Nutrition solutions to restore good health, youth and energy for our customers.

In 2003, I was struck with SARS and was in coma for 16 days. Happy to be alive after a full recovery, I swore to turn my life around, take better care of my health, as well as encourage others to do the same.

HAP Global promise is to make women look younger and feel healthier by providing effective products, services and treatments that deliver results that exceed expectations. This promise is fulfilled by Meditrina’s core philosophy of ‘beauty from the inside-out’ – creating skincare products and massage treatments that address internal health issues, such as restoring hormonal balance, pain management, and other holistic therapies that encourage the body to self-heal.

And the name HAP Global. What the reason for this?

Chiu: A healthy person will invariably look good and will also be happier. He will be able to attract good luck, living up to the true meaning of “hap”, which in 13th Century English means “good fortune”. That’s why I named my company HAP Global.

Tell us more about your company?

Chiu: Our vision is to be a leading global brand that women rely on to look younger and feel healthier. While our mission is to help all women achieve all their beauty and wellness goals by providing innovative and effective products and services of the highest quality, developed through the synergy of scientific methodologies and traditional healing philosophies.

We import, export and distribute holistic healing products based on TCM and Cellular nutrition solutions from the US, Taiwan and Italy. We also provide natural healing equipment as well as business solutions and marketing expertise for our business partners to penetrate the ever-growing anti-ageing market. I am especially proud of our star product, the Meditrina Ageless herbal cream, which was developed in collaboration with a research lab in the US.

The key element in HAP’s mission statement is its product – providing innovative and effective science-based products and services to enhance customers’ beauty and wellness. Fulfilling this mission thus begins at the product development stage. It starts with canvassing the globe to find reputable partners to work with around the world, such as its ingredient suppliers like Sederma INC from France, Pentapharm Ltd from Switzerland, and Provital S.A from Spain.

The company views its distributors as an extension of the Meditrina brand and as such, training and education on Meditrina’s products and services provides an essential platform for the brand to articulate and inculcate its vision and mission to both its internal and external stakeholders. This includes the employees of its distribution partners such as the beauty salons and spas that offer Meditrina’s products and services.

Today, our clientèle include over 100 reputable spas and beauty establishments including the likes of Unity Pharmacy and OG Departmental Stores.

Overall, the HAP Global brand consists of Meditrina, Live2Move, and  Hygeia Wellness Center addressing different populations and different needs. This is our strategy to manage and develop brands that are complementary thus allowing a synergy in our growth.

Recently, we have expanded in Malaysia and Indonesia as well, and from a humble beginning of 300K, our turnover crossed 3 million last year.

My long-term vision is to make HAP Global a known leader in holistic healing products in the South-east Asian region.