SINGAPORE, May 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Stridec, an e-commerce solutions company headquartered in Singapore, has unveiled Gimify — a new Wi-Fi marketing and customer loyalty solution that promises to help Food and Beverage (F&B) businesses acquire, retain and reward their customers effectively and effortlessly.

Stridec Unveils Gimify

Gimify solves one of the biggest challenges that F&B businesses are facing today — to acquire customers efficiently without disrupting or adding to the current operational processes and resources — by transforming any F&B premise’s existing Wi-Fi into a powerful data collection and marketing machine, automatically capturing customers’ emails whenever they access the free Wi-Fi via smartphones, tablets or laptops.
Gimify’s unique built-in verification process ensures that only real emails are captured, significantly improving the conversion rates of the marketing materials that F&B businesses send out to the customer base.
Gimify takes digital marketing automation to another level by integrating membership signup into the Wi-Fi login process, creating a seamless customer-centric experience that delivers maximum benefits to the customers and more revenue to the F&B operators at the same time.
"A large number of F&B businesses are distracted by the income potential of online food ordering platforms that they’ve forgotten all about building and owning the customer base themselves and developing their own digital marketing capabilities," explained Mr. Alva Chew, Director of Stridec.
"They do not know how to market or sell effectively without dependence on online food ordering platforms. You can’t build a sustainable business and a brand that lasts if you don’t directly own the customers. Gimify changes that and puts the power of customer ownership and marketing control back into the hands of these F&B businesses."
Designed to be a plug-and-play solution, Gimify can be set up on-site in under 10 minutes and delivers visible results within days. OTC Cafe, located within the Singapore National Library, adopted Gimify in February this year and has built from practically nothing a sizeable customer base of a few thousand contacts to date. "Gimify does its job so automatically and effectively that most of the time we don’t even notice that it is there, but the results speak for themselves," shared Joycelyn, Manager of OTC Cafe.
Gimify signals Stridec’s intention to uplift the e-commerce and digital marketing efficiencies and effectiveness of F&B businesses across Southeast Asia. "Gimify is just the starting point; the first building block of many to come, as we introduce more benefits and features in time to come that will eventually culminate in a fully integrated ecosystem that powers all of the F&B businesses’ e-commerce and digital marketing needs," explained Ms. Sharlene Ngo, Sales Manager of Stridec.
Gimify is currently available as a subscription-based cloud solution to all F&B businesses in Singapore, Indonesia and The Philippines, and will be showcased in the upcoming Chillax Asia 2018 exhibition to be held at Suntec Singapore from 14 to 17 June.
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About Stridec
Stridec provides strategic, turnkey e-commerce driven solutions to help brands and businesses improve their online presence and digital capabilities. Its proprietary "E-Commerce Enablement Solution for SMEs" was the only pre-approved e-commerce programme under Spring Singapore’s Collaborative Industry Projects (CIP) Scheme. Stridec was recently recognised as one of the top 25 e-commerce solutions providers in Asia Pacific by APAC CIO Outlook Magazine (2017).
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