Bottega Gold has now been named the official Wine of Skyhigh.Vip
SINGAPORE, Aug. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Skyhigh.Vip is entering into a new partnership with Bottega SpA, a family owned company located in Bibano, Treviso (45 km north of Venice).
Providing access to a luxury filled lifestyle, Skyhigh.Vip shares the same values as Bottega SpA that are key to distinct perfection — dynamism, empowerment and exclusivity. As Bottega SpA’s official partner, Skyhigh.Vip will organize events that will showcase accessible luxury in the form of Fine Wine and Concierge & Lifestyle services.
In this new partnership, Skyhigh.Vip brings its global reach and expertise in the Concierge & Lifestyle business to Bottega SpA, as well as the further collaborations in its expansion plans.
Skyhigh.Vip Senior Manager, Francis Michael spoke about the partnership: "As a global Concierge & Lifestyle brand, we are always on the lookout for innovative and creative approaches for sustainability and growth. When we encountered Bottega SpA, we had no doubt that this partnership will take us both to another level and Skyhigh.Vip is pleased to work alongside an age old premium winery known for its expression of excellence thru its fine wines."
About Bottega Spa
Bottega SpA manages several different brands, amongst which are Alexander, Bottega and Cellini. Producing and distributing Italian wine, grappa, spirits and food in over 110 countries around the world, Bottega advocates Quality, Design and Social Responsibility towards the environment and the community. The original idea of the award winning Bottega Gold, the iconic Prosecco in a gilded bottle which has been chosen as the Official Wine of Skyhigh.Vip, dates back to the year 2000, when Sandro Bottega — owner of the Italian winery and distillery — created an eye-catching packaging for its premium quality Prosecco. The fulfilment of the "accessible luxury" concept was key to this product’s worldwide success.
About Skyhigh.Vip
Skyhigh.Vip is an exclusive members-concierge and lifestyle club offering global concierge services 24/7/365. Our discerning members who require distinguished services are served by a team of dedicated & multi-tasking concierge executives and selected vendors spanning 8 regions, in 92 cities, across 45 countries, providing them the ultimate in holistic & personalized solutions with a human touch.
Concierge Service – Assisting and arranging your everyday tasks and errands so that you can maximise your free time.
Lifestyle Service – Creating customised solutions for each of our clients while simultaneously seeking out relevant details on their habits and preferences to further personalize our service.
Personal Crisis Management – Evaluating hidden risks, mitigating the damages and offering solutions to diffuse any potential crisis.
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