First-of-its-kind Pilot Program underlines companies’ commitment to unlock sustainable energy solutions in Hong Kong
HONG KONG, March 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Shell announced that it has launched its pilot program with Maxim’s Group to use Biodiesel from Maxim’s used cooking oil to power its fleet in Hong Kong. The first-of-its-kind program in Hong Kong will support over 100 delivery trucks, with annual consumption of 396,000 liters. Maxim’s Group is the first restaurant group in Hong Kong to join this program.
As the first and only Biodiesel provider in Hong Kong through retail oil stations, Shell has been a pioneer provider of responsible energy solutions for corporations to contribute to Hong Kong’s sustainability since 2016. This partnership has unlocked more benefits of bio-fuel, stepping towards a more sustainable energy mix.

Shell and partners commence Biodiesel refueling at Tai Po Market Station, the third station to do so in Hong Kong. From left to right: Patrick To, Senior Operations Manager, Maxim’s Group; Maria Li, Plant Manager, Maxim’s Group; James Chen, Head of Supply Chain, Maxim’s Group; Patrick So, General Manager, Maxim’s Group; Anne Yu, Retail General Manager, Shell Hong Kong Limited; Kelvin Tang, Sales Manager of Fleet Solutions, Shell Hong Kong Limited; Adam Koo, CEO, Business Environment Council

Shell has recently made Biodiesel available at Shell’s Tai Po Market station, the third station providing Biodiesel, which expanded the coverage of the sustainable fuel to encourage Biodiesel adoption among commercial fleet customers. The other two stations providing Biodiesel are located at Tsing Yi and Hong Kong International Airport.
To produce Biodiesel, Shell sources biocomponents (B100) and blend into diesel whilst managing the end-to-end quality assurance to get the high-quality fuel customers expect. This improves Hong Kong’s energy security, particularly when domestic raw materials are produced sustainably. The use of Biodiesel also lowers ‘well-to-wheel’ CO2 by providing a more sustainable alternative to conventional diesel. The fuel’s advanced formulation helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and advances towards the sustainability goals of commercial customers in the city.

Anne Yu, Retail General Manager, Shell Hong Kong Limited explains the importance of the Maxim’s Group-Shell partnership at the launch of Biodiesel at Tai Po Market Station

Anne Yu, Retail General Manager of Shell Hong Kong Limited said, "Shell is proud to announce this first-of-its-kind partnership with Maxim’s Group. Together we take this important step towards a more sustainable energy future for Hong Kong. Biofuels are a smart solution because they reduce ‘well-to-wheel’ CO2 and upcycle domestic waste materials. By transforming cooking oil into useable fuel, we can reduce both local waste and CO2 emissions, while providing energy security for Hong Kong. With over 30 years of experience in distributing biofuels globally, Shell is committed to the further development of bioenergy."
Patrick So, General Manager of Cakes & Bakery and Branded Products of Maxim’s Group said, "Maxim’s Group is committed in environmental protection through various key initiatives since 2009, including our signature Surplus Bread Donation Program which enables volunteers to collect surplus bread from our cake shops across town and donate to the needy. Giving waste a second life has been extended to upcycling used cooking oil at Maxim’s restaurants to energy. We are happy to partner with Shell, and currently our over 100 trucks from 2 food production plants are using Biodiesel as part of our sustainable development."
"Shell is one of the first to invest in advanced biofuels to explore new sustainable fuels that contribute to the energy mix of the future. We are pleased that Maxim’s Group believes in the value of sustainable fuel as we do and partnered with us to tackle the energy challenges together. We will continue to work with companies, customers and the society through different projects to make Hong Kong more sustainable." Anne concluded.
In fact, Shell Group has been dedicated to energy transition globally. In 2017, Shell Group announced its ambition to half the net carbon footprint of their energy products by 2050 in step with society’s goals of the Paris Agreement. This industry-leading aspiration will evolve with the changes in society and the energy system. Shell will step up its existing activities to meet this ambition, like bringing more biofuels, hydrogen and electric vehicle charging into the mix as one of the world’s largest blenders and distributors of biofuels across the globe.
About Shell
We are a global group of energy and petrochemical companies with an average of 86,000 employees in more than 70 countries. We use advanced technologies and take an innovative approach to help build a sustainable energy future. With more than 100 years of history locally, Shell supplies Hong Kong and Macau with a wide range of oil products from its technologically advanced Tsing Yi Installation. Our business activities include Retail filling and service stations, fuel and lubricants to Commercial sectors, Bitumen, Aviation fuel, Marine fuel and lubricants. As a responsible corporate citizen in Hong Kong, Shell actively contributes in its social investment programmes through which we build an inclusive and happy community. To learn more about Shell, visit
About Maxim’s Caterers Limited (Maxim’s Group)
Founded in 1956, Maxim’s Caterers Limited (a company incorporated in Hong Kong) is a leading food and beverage company comprised of Chinese, Asian and European restaurants, quick service restaurants, bakery shops, coffee shops, Japanese chain restaurants and institutional catering, while providing a range of festive products, including the award-winning HONG KONG MX Mooncakes. It is also the licensee of renowned brands including Starbucks Coffee, Genki Sushi and IPPUDO Ramen, The Cheesecake Factory and Shake Shack in various territories. Altogether, it has over 1,300 outlets in Hong Kong and Macau regions, Mainland China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. To learn more about Maxim’s, visit
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