OSAKA, Japan, July 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On Sunday, July 8, 2018, celebrating 110 years in the manufacture and sales of eye-drops, ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter ROHTO) held an exhibition titled, OUR EYES ARE EXPERIENCING MUCH HARSHER CONDITIONS THAN WE IMAGINE – 4 EXTREME SITUATIONS, 4 EYE-CARE CONCEPTS, at an art gallery in Daikanyama, Tokyo.
Event website: https://www.rohto.co.jp/company/vision/event/
Artifact-like concept models were exhibited in the gallery, demonstrating how eye-drops can take on the challenges of extreme conditions often encountered in the four featured countries.
This exhibition featured innovative and unprecedented concept models in eye-care product development. ROHTO is currently proceeding with plans to take these concepts to the production stage.
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In the exhibition, four harsh environments for eyes were selected from different parts of the world and four concept models of eye-drops for each of the harsh conditions were displayed.
(Photo2: Top left: Japan, top right: Kazakhstan, bottom left: Australia, bottom right: Icelandhttps://kyodonewsprwire.jp/img/201807115896-O3-20OVI2a2)
The following four countries were selected:
(1) A country covered with deserts: Kazakhstan(2) A country exposed to strong ultraviolet rays: Australia(3) A country with harsh cold climate: Iceland(4) A country suffering from blue light: Japan
Description of Concept Models Displayed:
(1) A country covered with deserts: KazakhstanFor Kazakhstan, where nearly 70% of the land is covered with deserts, eye-drops were developed with a gyroscope function to maintain balance even on unstable ground. The image was to come up with eye-drops that can be applied, even in shaky conditions such as during camel rides or minor landslides.
(2) A country exposed to strong ultraviolet rays: Australia The levels of exposure to direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays are high in Australia, and for this area, the concept is eye-drops which can be applied even while facing down. The image adopted was to convert eye-drops to steam using ultrasonic waves for application.
(3) A country with harsh cold climate: IcelandEye-drops for Iceland, a cold district, were created with a concept incorporating a car defroster to prevent the liquid from freezing even at severe low temperatures. In addition, the eye-drops also feature a phosphorescent (light-storing) function that makes it easy to find even during short daylight time.
(4) A country suffering from blue light: JapanJapan is a country suffering from frequent exposure to blue light, and a concept model was developed pursuing the pleasure of pressing acupressure points and applying eye-drops, both at the same time. Visitors were able to experience this concept model for Japan in a designated area in the gallery. Many of the visitors were enjoying a totally new way of applying eye-drops.
About the Production Partner
The production partner for this concept model is secca inc., a design firm based in Kanazawa on the Japan Sea coast. secca created completely new designs for eye-drops utilizing their unique perspective of integrating traditional craft techniques with cutting-edge 3D digital technology.
ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. celebrates the 110th anniversary of the manufacture and sales of eye-drops. Committed to the spirit of exceeding what is common sense, and taking into consideration the diversity of eye conditions, ROHTO strives to contribute to the health of eyes all over the world.
Official website: https://www.rohto.co.jp/global/

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