– Offering High-quality “Champon” Noodles Imported Directly from Japan with Organically Grown Vegetables –
TOKYO, Jan. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Ringer Hut Co., Ltd. reopened its "Ringer Hut Saratoga Store" in the U.S. state of California, specializing in "Nagasaki Champon" noodles, on Monday, December 18, 2017, after renovation.
Ringer Hut Saratoga Store is Ringer Hut’s first overseas shop, and has been patronized by customers in Silicon Valley — which is in the forefront of the business world — over the past 27 years.
The company renovated the store for the first time since its opening in order to improve services for its customers.
As a result of the renovation, the shop has been transformed into a clean space filled with Japanese flavor. Noodles used for Nagasaki Champon and other dishes served at Ringer Hut Saratoga Store are replaced by Ringer Hut’s original noodles imported directly from Japan so that local customers can enjoy the taste that the company has pursued for many years. Furthermore, organically grown (*) cabbages, bean sprouts, carrots, onions and green onions are used for noodles served at the shop to ensure food safety, just as the company has done in Japan. This is largely because these kinds of vegetables that are organically grown can be supplied stably. (*) Other types of vegetables that are not grown organically are also used.
Ringer Hut now has a total of 16 stores in 6 countries/regions: 5 in the U.S. (including 1 ROKKAKU HAMAKATSU, 1 SOBAYA); 5 in Thailand (including 1 Tonkatsu HAMAKATSU), 2 each in Hong Kong and Indonesia, and 1 each in Taiwan and Cambodia. Ringer Hut Saratoga Store is operated by its U.S. subsidiary, Ringer Hut Hawaii Inc. (Headquarters: 2255 Kuhio Avenue, Suite 773, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815, USA; Representative: Fumio Fukuhara). Ringer Hut aims to meet the needs of overseas customers as the company plans to operate 50 stores abroad by 2020.
"Ringer Hut Saratoga Store" Store information

Store name: Ringer Hut Saratoga Store
Address: 1072 Saratoga Ave., San Jose, CA 95129
Telephone: +1-408-554-0877
Manager: Koichi Matsui
Business hours: 11:30-22:00 *Last orders accepted at 21:45
Floor space: Approx. 464 square meters
Seating capacity: 94 seats
Parking space: 40 vehicles

(Image1: Ringer Hut Saratoga Store Area Map https://prw.kyodonews.jp/prwfile/release/M104171/201712018606/_prw_PI3fl_ydow27Sg.png)
(Image2: Selected Menu http://prw.kyodonews.jp/attach/201712018606-O1-f9Y4zgD8.pdf)
Selected Menu Items and Prices:http://prw.kyodonews.jp/attach/201712018606-O2-qsmtq66A.pdf
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