HONG KONG, April 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — As we dive deeper into the new century, the world changes and moves faster than ever before. How do we best support and guide our children (and ourselves) through these changes and disruptions? From the same team that brought you the Dr Louise Porter Conferences, Raising the Future is a traveling parent education series which takes place in key cities across Asia Pacific in April and October each year.
The seminars highlight key issues which benefit and relate to our children, with speakers sharing the latest cutting-edge knowledge and research on how best to adopt the best parenting strategies into our families and our lives.
This series hosts industry leaders sharing cutting-edge information for anyone who has children, works with children, or is interested in helping to shape the future leaders of tomorrow.
Raising the Future seminars not to be missed:
April 23 (Mon) 7 – 9pmPreparing for Singularity By Yat SIU, TechnopreneurAs computing power races ahead into the new century, there are several ways that it will affect humanity. In this compelling talk, Yat Siu will discuss what is meant by singularity, its inevitability, and the repercussions for our children and their futures.
April 24 (Tues) 630-930pm Mindfulness for Children, the path to a calm, relaxed, and more successful child By Dorien ISRAEL, Renowned Life CoachIn a world where even children as young as 5 years old experience anxiety and depression, where the pace of city life continues to speed up, Dorien shares ways that we can slow down, in order to "speed up" and increase our chances for success, and to develop the courage, discipline and intuition to make the best choices for ourselves and our children.  
April 26 (Thurs) 630-930pmExercise and brain health for optimal performanceBy Andrew COX, Master TrainerThis talk discusses the critical link between regular aerobic exercise and children’s brain health. Andrew will share how exercise improves memory, thinking skills, increases productivity in school, increases self-esteem and self-image, and creates for happier children, while guarding against anxiety and depression.
April 28 (Sat) 930am – 12 noon Emotional intelligence at home, school and at workBy Dr Louise Porter, Renowned Child PsychologistDr Louise Porter returns to Hong Kong to share new research on the importance of emotional intelligence, how self-awareness, and the ability to manage life’s ups and downs, and our emotions, leads to greater happiness, stronger relationships, and better success in life. We therefore learn to think, focus, and solve our own challenges to reach positive outcomes.
April 28 (Sat) 2-5pmNutrition for optimising children’s brain health Dr Benita PERCH, Renowned Naturopathic Doctor and Nutrition expertDr Perch will share the latest research on supporting our children’s healthiest brains, which in turn, ensures their emotional and physical success. She will outline the key aspects of nutrition, environmental toxicity, genetic predisposition, and gut health as it relates to our brain health.
April 30 (Mon) 7-9pmChildren and Social Purpose, preparing the future leaders of tomorrowAlex Medana, Technopreneur, FinFabrikJeffery Liu, Technopreneur, SnapaskJeffery Andrews, Community & Social Work, Refugee ConcernCrispin Farrow, Entrepreneurial Mentor, Curriculum & Education Development Moderator: Anne Copeland, Sustainability Strategist (business & government)
Children are increasingly using their own creativity, imagination, and intelligence to help positively affect the world. Children as young as 9 years old have created ideas, inventions and projects to add value to the world, and to help solve some of our greatest challenges such as poverty alleviation, nutrition, the digital divide, food security, water, energy, and more.
This panel will include presentations by experts in the education, community, and business sectors, followed by a panel discussion about how we can guide, nurture and support these young talents to identify and follow their passions to create their own futures, while solving some of the world’s biggest challenges.
Raising the Future – 21st Century LearnersPeriod: 23 to 30 Apr, 2018Venue: Campfire, 13/F, Zung Fu Industrial Building, No.1067 King’s Road, Hong KongDetails: https://bit.ly/2F23f2o
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