Protect yourself from Heart Disease – NOW!



Heart disease is a major killer for men and women across the globe. It’s a silent ticking time bomb that barely leaves clues and could result to a fatal outcome. Read on, and find out how to protect yourself and your loved ones from heart disease.


There are many precursors to heart disease, and even more outcomes from it. We’ve narrowed down four doable steps for you and your household:


  • STOP smoking and LIMIT alcohol

Smoking may seem like a harmless puff of fun, but each stick contains thousands of chemicals that can destroy a healthy heart. It clogs up arteries, reduces blood flow, and feeds an addiction. Alcohol does just the same, thus learning how to stop smoking and limiting your alcohol intake can do wonders for your health.


  • Exercise ENOUGH

Exercise doesn’t need to be on a treadmill or doing Pilates – it is also in the form of brisk walking, running, or dancing. Taking time to exercise at least three times a week for thirty minutes each could lower down blood levels of fat, cholesterol, and sugars. It also cleans up arteries by taking out fatty plaque deposited on them.


  • Eat RIGHT

One doesn’t need to diet to lose weight and be healthy; more likely eating right is the key to a healthy body. Avoiding sugary and calorie-laden snacks and opting for whole wheat, vegetables, and fruits are examples of eating right. Also, jugging up water and snacking on dried nuts gives a healthy glow.


  • REDUCE Stress

Stress is a major precursor to heart disease. It increases adrenaline levels and bring your vital organs out of synch. So how to control stress? Enjoy your life. Take time to talk to friends, have a fun night out, or just simply sit back and relax and let the worries flow out of you. Adapt a positive outlook in life, and stress will take the backseat.