Global genetic testing market estimated to be USD 50-billion per annum by 2026[1]

Initial offerings will be: Cancer DNA test and Nutrigenomics test
Launches ChangeMaker Movement to create awareness on the power of prevention in health

Hong Kong, Nov. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Prenetics, a leading global genetic testing and digital health company, announces the launch of Circle — a consumer DNA testing platform. The initial offerings include Circle’s Cancer DNA test and Diet Fitness Pro 360 test — an award-winning diet, nutrition and exercise DNA test. Starting today, consumers in Hong Kong can order the DNA tests directly on and also at selected Green Common stores in Hong Kong from 3rd December 2018. In the near future, the company plans to include more categories in its portfolio, including chronic disease risks, drug response, family preparation screening, cardiovascular health and more.
Danny Yeung, CEO and Co-Founder of Prenetics, says "Circle empowers people to optimise their most important asset – health. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that up to 80% of chronic diseases and 40% of cancers can be prevented."
"When Angelina Jolie told the world about her faulty BRCA 1 gene, which put her at very high risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer, the world sat up and took notice. The phenomenon is known as the ‘Angelina Effect’ because it saw a surge in women coming forward for genetic testing. With Circle, we aim to create a movement around prevention, starting with understanding your genetics, and how it can influence your health. Our mission is to make health personalised in every way, from understanding our genetics to learning about the foods we should be eating."
The genetic tests offered by Circle provide a comprehensive view and analysis of an individual’s genes along with actionable recommendations. At launch, the two tests available are:
Cancer DNA Test — Helps individuals understand their genetic risk of eight common cancers: breast, ovarian, colorectal, melanoma, pancreatic, prostate, stomach and uterine. The retail price is set at HKD 2,499.
Diet Fitness Pro 360 Test — Helps individuals uncover their personalised diet, nutrition and exercise profile, based on their DNA. The retail price is set at HKD 1,499.
Danny Yeung adds, "I’m also very excited to announce our Circle ChangeMaker Movement – that aims to create awareness on the power of prevention in health. Circle ChangeMakers are an accomplished group of prominent entrepreneurs, professionals, and lifestyle influencers from different walks of life, who are all equally passionate about health and wellness."
At the time of launch, Circle’s ChangeMakers are:

David Yeung, Co-Founder of Green Monday and Green Common — a social venture that’s tackling climate change and promoting sustainable living — winner of "Social Entrepreneur of the Year" by the World Economic Forum and Schwab Foundation.
Khailee Ng, Managing Partner of 500 Startups — Silicon Valley’s most active seed venture capital firm that has invested in over 2,200 start-ups across 60 countries, including Southeast Asian tech startups Grab, Carousell and Bukalapak.
Jessica Wong, Health and Lifestyle Vlogger who has over 74,000 subscribers on YouTube, and a combined social media following of over 133,000 people.
Sabrina Chan, Investment Associate at Asia’s largest credit and special situations fund, ex-Investment Banking Analyst at Goldman Sachs, passionate about all things health.
Aaron Lee, Serial entrepreneur, founder of Dash Serviced Suites and BlackDoors, health enthusiast, and a white-collar boxer.
Arthur Lam, Co-founder of Synergy Group, the first Energy Saving Company (ESCO) listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that boasts a footprint in over 20 countries.
Ramona Pascual, MMA Fighter and the first female to headline a Hong Kong fight event and compete for an MMA championship.
Delia Leung, Nike Yoga Trainer & ex-Investment Banker. Founder of MDFL MVMT, a meditation and mindfulness platform, who is also a student of Sri Dharma Mittra.
Tricia Yap, Founder of Warrior Academy, HK’s first wellness and lifestyle driven boutique gym and Bikini Fit, formerly a female fitness community. A management consultant turned MMA fighter and fitness entrepreneur, she is recognised as one of the most accomplished health experts in Hong Kong.
Ifat Hindes, Award-Winning Wellness Entrepreneur and owner of Hong Kong’s first entirely gluten-free restaurant and bakery, Choice Cooperative & Choice Healthy Foods. Ifat is now regularly an ambassador for Health and Wellness brands and advocates for Mental Health Awareness. Regularly featured in both local and international media with a big following locally and internationally.

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[1] Source: Arthur D Little; The Future of Diagnostics

About Prenetics
Prenetics is a leading global genetic testing and digital health company. Headed up by serial entrepreneur and former CEO of Groupon East Asia, Danny Yeung, the company has a team of 100+ people and is spread across eight offices in Asia, Europe and South Africa — expanding into China and the US soon.
Prenetics has received over USD 50 million in strategic funding from Alibaba, 500 Startups, Beyond Ventures, and more. Related Links :
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