Nutrition for growing children

As a child progresses through the critical growth years, it is important that that they are provided with  the optimum nutrition they need in order for proper growth and even teach them a lifetime habit of choosing good food.

What is then proper nutrition for growing children? Proper nutrition consists of a balanced diet that meets the growing needs of the child. It usually underlines the importance of whole grains, complex carbohydrates, and protein, minimizing consumption of fats and oils that may cause childhood obesity.


The approved food pyramid guide for growing children ages 5-12 years old centres on feeding a child more complex grains such as rice, pasta, or bread coupled with a healthy serving of green leafy vegetables and fruits as well as a standard portion of meat for protein. Moreover, a glass of milk daily is usually recommended as it is a good source of calcium. For foods that contain high levels of oils, a small serving is enough a few days are allowable.

Why is there a need to monitor what your child eats, and why do we need to give importance to this food guide for good nutrition? Proper nutrition plays an important role as the child grows by building and strengthening bones, muscles, tissues, and other vital organs. In addition, as the body grows, it needs food for energy and vitamins and minerals to complete complex bodily processes. By following the complete food pyramid guide, you provide the adequate and needed nutrition your child needs.


A large part of the nutrition guide centres on feeding the child complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates come from sources such as rice, pasta, whole grain bread, cereal, and more. Basically, anything that grows from the ground is a complex carbohydrate and serves as the basic source of energy for the growing body. Compared to fizzy drinks, ice cream, and junk foods that claim to provide instant energy, these foods provide a sustained amount of energy and will not give that sugar rush to your kids.


Another part of proper nutrition for children is a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables provide needed vitamins and minerals for the body’s complex processes and aids in growth, vision, and more. Also, it supports an excellent functioning of the brain, which is critical in these years as the child’s learning is very acute.


Protein and calcium are needed components of a healthy diet too. Protein is important as the child builds muscles and tissues, while calcium builds and strengthens bones. By providing adequate calcium and protein to your child, you would see that he or she begins to gain more height and have a stronger body build.


Oils and fats are still part of a healthy diet; however miniscule amounts are just needed for a growing body. Also, giving your kids a sweet treat once in a while won’t hurt, and will foster family bonding for a great day out with everyone.