All AA99 products are designed, manufactured and packaged in Hong Kong using patented Japanese technologies.
HONG KONG, July 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Since the launch of the original AA99® Reusable Face Mask in March 2020, MindBeauty has been working with consumers and technical experts to modify its mask in line with current global healthcare needs and is proud to announce, to the best of their knowledge, the world’s first, reusable mask that is capable of fighting a lab suitable coronavirus substitute at 95% efficiency within 2 hours. (*N.b. Face masks are one effective step in reducing the spread of disease and should be used in conjunction with regular hand washing and other precautions, as advised by your local government.) The new AA99® Reusable Face Mask is made using patented material technology originating in Japan and features antiviral antibacterial properties that are effective against the family of coronavirus (ISO18184:2019 certified) and 17 other species of bacteria and microorganisms (JIS L1902 certified). The mask is reusable up to 70 washes, and is environmentally friendly and non-irritating to skin. The mask is manufactured using a nanotechnology textile, which can effectively eliminate a variety of microorganisms including coronavirus, MRSA and E. coli. The antiviral and antibacterial effect is achieved through structural damage to the cell wall or membrane, thus rendering the pathogen inert and unable to cause disease. About ISO 18184:2019 & JIS L1902 ISO 18184:2019 and JIS L 1902 are the latest scientific testing standards that measure the property of a textile to reduce viral and bacterial activity, respectively, through morphological or structural damage to the surface protein of a virus or bacteria. These tests certify the efficacy, duration and environmental properties of a product against a specified set of microorganisms and are well suited testing methods for both medical and consumer grade products to better understand the correct performance of antiviral/antibacterial textiles. About Coronavirus Testing AA99’s fabric has been found to be effective against feline coronavirus (FCoV) with a reduction of 95% in 2 hours. Since the two strains of coronavirus are within the same family, the feline coronavirus shares a highly similar structure with COVID-19. The feline coronavirus may hence serve as a surrogate virus used in a testing laboratory as a close but safer alternative to human pathogenic strains of coronavirus such as COVID-19. AA99® Reusable Nano Technology Face Mask is uniquely able to maintain its strong antiviral and antibacterial properties over a prolonged period and under all weather conditions. It is recommended to gently wash the mask after each daily use, using warm water and a mild detergent. The Upgraded AA99® Reusable Nano Technology Face Mask is now on sale through the AA99® website ( and will be available in a variety of styles and colours in both adult and children’s sizes with a recommended retail price of HKD 99 (product ships in resealable packaging for hygienic storage when not in use). AA99® online shop: For business or large volume +852 9679 5092 (English)+852 2989 6238 (Chinese) For certification proof details and additional information, please AA99® – Developed by MindBeauty MindBeauty has been endeavouring to produce an immediate contribution to help combat the ongoing global health crisis and seeks to offer timely, affordable and environmentally friendly solutions to both consumers and businesses both locally and globally. #covid-19 #coronavirus #mask #AA99 #AA99mask #COVID19
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