BEIJING, May 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Meituan (HKG: 3690), China’s leading e-commerce platform for services, today released its first Corporate Social Responsibility report ("Meituan CSR Report"). The report demonstrates how the company integrates responsibility with its corporate strategy and business development and leverages technology innovation to contribute to society. 

Meituan releases its first Corporate Social Responsibility Report

"A public company carries more responsibility," said Xing Wang, Chairman and CEO of Meituan. "As an Internet platform company, we need to not only comply with laws and regulations, but also proactively take on social responsibility and create more value for society."
As of the end of 2018, Meituan served more than 400 million of the 800 million Chinese Internet users. Over 200 services were provided through multiple apps include catering, delivery, hotel and travel, leisure and entertainment, movie-ticketing, ride-hailing, and bike-sharing, covering more than 2,800 cities and counties in China.
The report collected data and examples from the perspective of users, the industry, society and governance, showcasing how Meituan is exercising its mission to "help people eat better, live better".
Save users 48 minutes on each delivery
Technology innovation has boosted the efficiency and convenience of dining and consumption of lifestyle services. Ranked first place in Fast Company’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2019 list, Meituan is leveraging technology to build a healthier industry ecosystem and market place, while helping people "eat better, live better" in different scenarios.
Meituan Waimai, the company’s food delivery platform, has become an indispensable dining option for Chinese people. The latest company statics show Meituan’s daily food delivery orders have exceeded 25 million. Meituan Waimai saves consumers an average of 48 minutes traveling to and from a restaurant, according to calculations by researchers from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
In 2018, Meituan delivered food to around 7.51 million healthcare workers who were too busy to enjoy a proper work meal outside the hospital, while also serving 20 million elderly people who found it difficult to cook by themselves at home.
In addition to food delivery, to improve consumption quality, Meituan offers group buying, online reservations, and scan-and-order services. Meituan’s "Must-Eat List", and top picks for tourist attractions, hotels, and shopping areas provide consumers with tailored recommendations for high-quality products and services. Meituan’s Black Pearl Restaurant Guide, a "Michelin Guide"- style service, is devoted to exploring and promoting the Chinese culinary culture and offering quality dining options.
Contributing to employment and merchant digitalization
According to research from Renmin University of China, Meituan has helped to create more than 19.6 million job positions in 2018, including 2.7 million delivery riders. Another over 16 million job positions were created by merchants on Meituan’s platform. Meituan has boosted employment by helping to create new jobs including beauty service trainers, nursery teachers, auto stylists, and food testers. It also developed a platform with more than 700 professional trainers, offering training sessions on various service skills to more than 11 million merchants.
Meituan has greatly contributed to the employment of migrant workers. More than 2.7 million delivery riders made a living from Meituan in 2018, up from 2.2 million in 2017. About 75% of them were from rural areas and 31% used to be factory workers. Overall riders are earning more than traditional manufacturing workers with a more flexible working schedule. The average monthly salary of a Meituan rider is between RMB6,000 and RMB8,000.
On the supply side, Meituan has supported the digitalization upgrade of 5.8 million merchants with services including marketing, delivery, IT, supply chain, operation and financing, helping them improving management efficiency and profitability.
Exercising corporate social responsibility as a public company
On food safety, Meituan has developed systems which establish e-archives for merchants on Meituan’s platform and digitalizes their operation licenses. Utilizing big data, Meituan has also developed tools which make a semantic analysis of consumers’ review data, to quantify and categorize content related to food safety, especially negative reviews. In cooperation with local regulatory authorities, Meituan is able to track merchants’ legal qualifications using big data and report unqualified merchants or food safety problems on a real-time basis.
On environmental protection, Meituan launched Blue Mountain Project, the first environmental protection campaign in the food delivery industry, in July 2017. The company called out to merchants and consumers to use recycled food packaging, and to contribute through charitable activities. As of the end of 2018, more than 30,000 partner merchants joined the Blue Mountain Project.
On fighting poverty, Meituan had delivery riders coming from 781 poverty-stricken counties, covering 94% of 832 such areas. About 670,000 Meituan riders were from poverty-stricken counties, accounting for 25% of total riders. In addition, Meituan has developed food, travel and ecological projects to help the development of poverty areas.
Meituan’s sense of social responsibility is also well represented among its riders. In 2018, Meituan riders helped save 40 lives and bring 10 lost children back to their families along their food delivery journeys. They assisted authorities to fight crimes, put out fire incidents, and contributed in natural disaster-recovery efforts.
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About Meituan
Meituan (HKG: 3690) (the "Company") is China’s leading e-commerce platform for services. With the mission of "We help people eat better, live better," the Company’s platform uses technology to connect consumers and merchants. Service offerings on the platform address people’s daily needs for food, and extend further to broad lifestyle and travel services. According to the iResearch Report, Meituan is the world’s largest on-demand food delivery service provider and China’s largest e-commerce platform for in-store dining services in 2017. It currently operates the world’s largest on-demand delivery network in terms of the number of deliveries in 2017. Meituan helps consumers discover merchant information, make informed decisions, complete online and offline transactions and enjoy on-demand delivery. The Company currently owns several household brands in China, including Meituan, China’ s leading online marketplace for services by GTV in 2017, Dianping, China’ s leading online destination for discovering lifestyle services by MAU in 2017, Meituan Waimai for on-demand delivery services, and Mobike for bike-sharing services. Meituan had 400.4 million Annual Transacting Users and 5.8 million Annual Active Merchants by the end of 2018. The Company operates in over 2,800 cities and counties in China.
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