SEOUL, South Korea, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — With tears in his eyes Davis Hawn returned to Seoul to thank Korean scientist Hwang Woo-suk for cloning his dying Service Dog Booster three years ago. "Cloning Booster was the finest emotional and financial investment of my life," Hawn said with a tearful smile. He explained that Booster was large enough to provide mobility support and sensitive enough to help him with P.T.S.D. related issues. His unique attributes were the perfect medicinal storm. Booster was Hawn’s independence in life.

Booster (center) relaxing with his clones Boosted (right) and Busted (left). Booster helped teach the clones to perform tasks just like any father would teach his sons

When Booster’s death was imminent, Hawn succumbed to such overwhelming depression that only a miracle could have snapped him out of it. The ensuing miracle was the empathy of a complete stranger, professor Hwang. "The opportunity to clone ‘my booster’ gave me the will to go forward once again in life," said Hawn. Booster motivated Hawn to return to university to earn a master’s degree in Canine Life Studies at Bergin University of Canine Studies (BUCS), founded by Dr. Bonita Bergin the originator of the Service Dog concept.
While attending classes he learned of dog cloning and sent an email to professor Hwang at SOOAM Biotech in Korea, who subsequently invited him to Seoul to witness the cloning process. The following year SOOAM presented Hawn with two clone puppies of his dog Booster. "It was a personal event of epic proportion," said Hawn. Fittingly, Booster’s two clones, Boosted and Busted were born on 9/11. Hawn joked that he "boosted" Booster’s cells, sent them to Korea and got "busted" as a result.
Hawn gambled that cloning would copy Booster’s genetic attributes. "I doubled down, and it paid off," said Hawn who spent months in Korea training the pups commencing at birth. The clones look like Booster but more importantly have his personality, intelligence, and sensitivity. They evidence memory transference as they perform tasks they were never trained to do. Clones are born more mature, truly ahead of the pack.
At the reunion, Hawn was invited into the operating room to witness a C-section delivery of a clone. "It was so amazing to witness the birth. SOOAM taught me how to clone a dog and I shared with them what a clone truly is. For me, it was the recreation of a unique canine skill set and an opportunity to change the world for the better," said Hawn. He credits Booster with saving his life, changing it, and bettering the lives of others worldwide.
Booster helped Bahamians get a disability rights law passed. The clones subsequently returned to the Bahamas to help enforce the law their father helped create, like father like son(s). On a recent trip to the Bahamas a taxi wouldn’t allow the clone Service Dogs in, the airline was problematic, and even the police force was unaware of the new law. The clones demonstrated their abilities to the police force, the airline, and marched into a local McDonalds. As a direct result, disabled citizens partnered with Service Dogs will no longer risk being rejected from public venues in the Bahamas.
The clones also demonstrated their abilities in Mexico at the University of Mexico (UNAM) and in public demonstrations. The awareness resulted in Mexico City passing a Service Dog access law. A similar law is under consideration nationally. By proxy, thousands of citizens worldwide will benefit from the scientific expertise and kindness bestowed by professor Hwang. Hawn humbly shared, "Dr. Bergin and professor Hwang devoted their lives to academic pursuits that they ultimately invested in me. I am so grateful." When the reunion ended, the professor extended a handshake which Hawn emotionally rebuffed in favor of a hug of epic proportion.
Bergin University of Canine Studies (BUCS)
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Hawn presented professor Hwang a pictorial history book “Like Father Like Son” of Booster’s and the clone’s accomplishments. The kindly professor gifted Hawn a huge assortment of cosmetic products in part made from the patented substance he uses to stimulate cell growth.


Hawn, Boosted, and Busted make a pact to continue to better the world for the disabled just like Booster did.


The clones “get his back” when Hawn sleeps in the event that a P.T.S.D. flashback might occur during the night.


A Royal Bahamas Police Force conference was held on Grand Bahama Island. The rank from across the Bahamian nation welcomed Boosted and Busted and promised to disseminate information regarding the national disability law that includes Service Dog access after Hawn encountered access problems at various venues.




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