Fertility of an individual is a delicate subject. There are natural ways to maintain your fertility and improve the chances of conception. When it is the right time to start a family, it is important to protect and enhance your fertility.

How Not To Lose Your Fertility?

There are various guidelines framed to get pregnant easily. Some of these guidelines for maintaining fertility include:

Eat Healthy

Instead of following complicated recipes to maintain or increase fertility, follow a simple set of rules, i.e., eating healthy.

Avoid trans-fat, or fats from fried and processed foods. Trans-fat can prevent ovulation and conception, so skip the fast food and snack packs found at the grocery store. Instead, eat healthy and natural foods that are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and folic acid (such as citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, and fortified oat cereals).

Protein Intake: Many dieticians and physicians also recommend a regular intake of plant protein, such as beans, tofu and nuts, instead of animal protein.

Add Slow Carbs: Slow carbs, such as brown/wild rice, quinoa, whole grains, oat bran, beans, red potatoes, dairy/dairy alternatives, and fruits are also useful.

Choose a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle choices can make all the difference in maintaining fertility in the longer run. Some of these choices must include:

  • Avoiding drugs
  • Minimize multiple sexual partners
  • Sleep well
  • Exercising enough for a calmer mood.

Track your Cycle

Start tracking your cycle on a calendar, so you can get a better projection of your most fertile window. According to various studies and research reports, the most fertile period of a woman during her monthly cycle is somewhere between day 7 and day 20. Nevertheless, if an irregular cycle is an issue, consider picking up an ovulation prediction kit from your nearest drug store.

Gynaecology Visit

Before trying to conceive, schedule an appointment with your gynecologist. Gynecologists can offer an insight into new methods that are presently available to take care of the fertility issues.

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