Saving our suffering planet does not mean taking radical steps. Start with the little things in your own home.                                                               



No matter how much we try to ignore and turn our eyes away, it is a reality that Mother Earth is slowly dying. As the industry develops, our planet is suffering due to the many toxic wastes and harmful chemicals that we deposit into it.



  We see the signs of Global warming that cause the unstable weather patterns around the world. Nations worldwide are taking up arms to help protect the environment that we live in.

The good news is, you do not have to wave pitchforks to ask huge factories to shut down nor do you need to drastically change the structure that you call your home. There are easy and simple steps that you can do to help save Mother Earth from the destructive course that we have steered it to take. All it takes are 3 R’s that you need to remember.

1.    CHOOSE ENERGY EFFICIENT. The market is full of energy efficient appliances. You do not have to give up the comforts that technology can bring – you just have to make sure that it is energy efficient. It will not only affect the environment, it will also mean a lower electrical consumption and billing. If you can, make use of air or sun drying instead of tumbling dry your wet laundry.
2.    CONSERVE VALUABLE WATER. Turn off the tap water when not in use. Also, get only what is needed to avoid throwing away excess water.
3.    USE ALTERNATE MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION. These can come in the form of public utility vehicles, subway stations, carpool or even riding bicycles and walking.

1.    SHOPPING BAGS. When shopping, bring along your own bag. There are foldable bags available anywhere. Instead of using plastic to carry your purchases, use earth friendly bags that can be used over and over again.
2.    BOTTLES. Glass and plastic containers can be re-used as liquid containers or even decorative vases. You may even use the wide rimmed jars/bottles as storage for accessories and small household items and tools.
3.    COMPOST. Biodegradable wastes can be used as compost. If you have a garden, try building your own vegetable or flower garden and use your leftovers as fertilizer.

1.    NON-BIODEGRADABLE. Non biodegradable products can be re-used. We have come up with ways to convert them into new products – all it takes is for you to segregate properly your wastes in order for the local government to manage properly trash.
2.    SAVE TREES. Lessen your paper consumption. Utilize both sides of a paper before throwing it out. If a memo can be sent through email, try not to have it printed. Paper can be recycled and reproduced as clean paper.

These tips are not something that will require you to radically alter your way of living. It all starts with the choice to ACT. With your decision to stand up and fight for our environment, you are already contributing to saving planet Earth. Try to be open-minded and be aware of the programs that your local government is implementing. Do your own research on how to do your part and encourage those around you to pitch in their efforts. If all of us here will convert and help, Mother Earth will soon be fast on its way to recovery and we could have assured our children a beautiful and healthier place to live in.

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