YKeeping your Hair Healthyour hair is so much a part of yourself. How it looks can complement the other features of your face and body and add allure to your over-all personality. Naturally, you would want to keep it smooth, shiny, lustrous, sweet smelling and manageable. But, most days is a bad hair day for you!



Here are ways to keep it in tip top shape:


Brush your hair with care

Brushing your hair regularly keeps it shiny. Brush your locks before bedtime focusing on the sides, the top and back and before shampooing.  However, too much can cause breakage and split ends. So, don’t overdo.

Know your hair type

Choose a shampoo and conditioner suited for your hair type and stick to it.  You can have fine hair, greasy hair, dry or coloured hair. Each hair type has a suitable shampoo and conditioner. If you have another hair type, there is a corresponding product that matches the needs of your hair.


Best way to shampoo, condition and dry your crowing glory

Apply shampoo and massage gently into your wet locks. With your figertips use small circular motions. Do not shampoo daily as it strips natural oil from your hair. Every 2 to three days is best.

Apply  conditioner after shampooing. Gently squeeze out exra water and apply conditioner much like you did with your shampoo using your fingertips in small circular movements. Leave it for some minutes. Then rinse very well.

A conditioner protects each individual strand of your hair. It provides moisture and manageability, easier to comb or brush after washing and lessens harm or breakage to your locks.

A deep conditioner works well on dry or thick hair, a conditioner that detangles hair is useful for tangle prone hair, or very unruly hair can use a conditioner that makes it silky.

Here’s a tip for shinier hair. Rinse your hair with beer once in a while to bring out its shine.

Every now and then, deep condition to nourish your hair at the roots. Choose deep conditioning treatments that are enriched with olive, avocado, coconut or argan oil.  

Dry your hair with a towel but do not rub vigorously! Instead, blot excess water with the towel. This manuever breaks the outer layer of the hair and results into fluffy or frizzy hair. Air drying is the healthiest way to dry hair. Or you can safely use a blow dryer set to low. Too much use of the hair dryer can make it hair dry and brittle.

Combing your Hair after shampooing

Use a wide toothed comb to detangle your hair and gently comb your hair. Comb hair from the end up and not the other way around.

Nourish your Locks with Hair Mask for Gorgeous Looking Hair

Here are some useful tips from experts:

Mix the ingredients together apply on your hair, wait for 20 minutes, rinse

avocado and honey masks for all hair types

olive oil and egg for dry hair

apple cider vinegar and lemon for oily hair

banana, honey and almond for flaky scalp


Snip off those Ends

Trim off worn or split ends  every 2  months or 6 weeks too. If you’re growing your hair just snip off a tiny length. If you want it long you can have it styled in layers so the worn ends will be cut off while keeping the same length.

Protect your Hair from the Sun

Wear a hat, bandana or scarf if you’re out in the sun

Tying your Hair

Don’t make it too tight. It will break your hair strands especially when your hair is wet. Tie your locks loosely and remove all bands when you sleep at night.

Avoid stress

Stress hastens hair fall.

Don’t smoke or drink too much caffeine laden drinks

Hair products to avoid

Avoid hair products containing sulfates, parabens and sodium chloride. They build up in your hair over time and damage your mane. Look for shampoos, conditioners and other hair products sourced from organic and plant sources.


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