Uniting multiple cultures and backgrounds into one, JIS and Darbotz create unique mural art.
JAKARTA, Indonesia, April 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Today, over thirty JIS Middle and High School students have engaged in a mural art workshop with one of Indonesia’s most reputable artists, the internationally known Darbotz. In this event, JIS students will simultaneously create a basic sketch inspired by the philosophy of the JIS Batik on a 2.54 x 15.3-meter wall space. As the final touch, Darbotz will render his signature black and white mural art on top of the students’ work.

Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) Middle and High School students demonstrate their passion for mural art by collaborating with Darbotz, a prominent Indonesian artist who has hundreds of artworks across Jakarta.

The collaboration between Darbotz and JIS students is being held with the objective of allowing JIS students to have direct experience interacting with, gaining perspective from and learning the process of an artist who has been consistently focused on developing his passion; creating masterpieces of visual art.
Prominent Indonesian artist Darbotz’s portfolio includes his signature character Cumi-Kong, a black and white patterned squid. Students will observe the skills that Darbotz has used in hundreds of artworks across Jakarta’s street corners, buildings, hotels such as Artotel Thamrin and Maple Hotel Grogol as well as exhibitions around the world.
Jason Maddock, Visual Arts teacher from JIS Middle School and organizer of this event says "Mural art is an art medium that is very relevant to the character development of JIS students. It has a very flexible method and is spontaneous." According to Jason, Darbotz’s artwork is very Indonesian, light, fun and similar in nature to the JIS Batik.
"I am pleased to have the opportunity to engage with JIS students as I want to share with them and all young aspiring artists that they need to persevere, be consistent and, most of all, enjoy the process while doing it. It’s all about having fun." said Darbotz.
"In the early days of my career, I looked up to and gained inspiration from the overseas influences that JIS students were bringing with them to Indonesia, including the mural art lifestyle. Today, I’m here to share with them how I have overcome challenges to become who I am now, a mural artist." explained Darbotz.
In accordance with the name of the school, a direct introduction to Indonesian modern art and culture encourages student participation in the vibrant community that surrounds them and fosters a sense of connection to the world in which they live. This is in line with the school’s mission, to prepare each of its students, who represent over seventy different nationalities, to be "best for the world".
Similar workshops are routinely held by JIS as part of an ongoing effort to uphold the four R’s of the JIS learning philosophy, which are Reflecting, Relating, being Resourceful and Resilient. These art workshops introduce JIS students to learning by Relating via an in-depth introduction to their surrounding environment through culture, creativity and the art of their home in Indonesia.
In the past, JIS has had the privilege of welcoming some of Indonesia’s most prominent artists such as playwright and director Putu Wijaya, reputable ceramic artist Bregas Harrimardoyo, world-renowned puppeteer Ki Purbo Asmoro and the famous artist and scholar specializing in Balinese performing arts, I Wayang Dibia, to collaborate with JIS’ teachers in carrying out a series of workshop activities for students.
About Jakarta Intercultural School
Jakarta Intercultural School is a non-profit foundation that was founded by UN workers in 1951. These pioneers introduced relevant schooling in English for children of expats in the newfound Republic of Indonesia. From its early days, the school’s international identity was clear. It was originally named the Joint Embassy School (J.E.S.) after its British, American, Australian and (then) Yugoslavian embassy partners. Just over a decade later, in 1978, J.E.S. became Jakarta International School and in 2014, Jakarta Intercultural School.  
Today, with high expectations for standard-based, result-oriented, engaged learning and a culture where students seek personal excellence in every pursuit, JIS helps each community member learn to be best for the world.
As JIS continues its journey spanning more than 65 years, we value each learner whose personal story enriches our own. With 2,400 students, over 250 faculty members and countless alumni and parents contributing daily to the school’s legacy and the world around us, we can only be encouraged, humbled and motivated to keep learning together for the sake of our students’ borderless future. 
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