Israeli products made from the pure mineral gifts of the Dead Sea combined with new-age technologies
HONG KONG, Nov. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The top 16 Israeli skincare, health and beauty brands will exhibit at the upcoming 23rd edition of Cosmoprof Asia to be held from 14th to 16th November. Israel has an 8000-year history of using local gifts of nature, such as olive oil and mineral salts, for use in its cosmetics and therapies.
Israel is the host for a great variety of plants and herbs perched between the Mediterranean Sea to the west and the desert to the east. The Dead Sea which is located in Israel is the lowest place in the world. The Dead Sea is rich with unique minerals, salts and black mud which are renowned throughout the world for their therapeutic qualities. The unique resources have curative properties and therapeutic qualities enabling the growth of the cosmetics and toiletries industry known around the world for the excellence of its products. Israel, home to a number of Nobel Prize laureates, pays great attention to investment in scientific research and product innovation, so that the country is equipped with modern laboratories and advanced production methods. Israel therefore is a pioneer in developing the world’s leading innovative skincare, healthcare and regulation-compliant beauty products.
Top 16 Israeli companies lead the emerging natural and high-tech beauty trends
The 16 Israeli companies that will be exhibiting at the Israeli pavilion this year each have different product design emphases and unique competitive advantages. In addition to producing natural cosmetics and toiletries for global leading brands, some companies also have in-house research and development facilities to produce private labels, and therefore offer a complete suite of very high quality choices for enterprises and consumers alike.

Hero products

B.4.UDevelops and produces a large variety of new and innovative anti-aging, organic, spa and Dead Sea products. The company manufactures private labels with competitive prices. Its organic products receive the Ecocert certification.
Absolute Care – Instant Wrinkle Filler A unique product that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine line by filling and smoothing them away.  

B.D SIGMA An international trading company specializing in online sales, marketing and worldwide distribution. It offers the most advanced, cutting-edge aesthetic and pain relief home use brands, including NEWA, Handy Cure, Iluminage Beauty, Livia, Theradome, Maiia, Dermovia, Smoothskin and Cure-Ex.  
Achillea Soapless Soap Achillea Soapless Soap, by Alona Shechter Company, cleanses deeply, and is produced with a high concentration of active ingredients, medicinal herbs and minerals from the Dead Sea.

CTS One of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Israel since 1921. The company develops, manufactures and sells unique life cycle products, derma-cosmetics and toiletries. It also owns in-house facilities for product development and private labels.
Medjool Advanced Night Cream moisturizes and soothes your skin while you sleep. Natural gifts feed freshness into your skin.

D.S.P Doctor Sea"Dr. Sea" is a natural cosmetics company. Their products are rich with useful ingredients. Based on minerals, mud and Dead Sea salts, as well as useful plant extracts.
Anti-wrinkle facial cream Anti-wrinkle facial cream contains Dead Sea minerals and dunaliella salina algae extract. Famous for its ability to neutralize free radicals and intensively moisturize skin. 

Dan Mor Natural Products and Chemicals Ltd. (Dr. Wipe) Specializing in cosmetic wipes and private label production. Among its top products are hair color remover stain wipes for hair salons and MASQUE ECLAT, a premium seaweed facial mask line. The company also owns private labels.
Hair Color Stain Remover Wipes Hair Color Stain Removing Wipes remove hair color stains effectively yet gently. Loved by professional hair colourists and private consumers.

JenorisThis professional haircare products line is the most innovative hair care solution in the market today. Each product is infused with Pistachio Oil, providing a complete Omega 3-6-9 treatment. Hair becomes stronger, silkier and rejuvenated after use.
Jenoris Pistachio Oil The ultimate hair treatment – repairing and protecting hair fibres, while the unique formula also provides the hair a silky soft finish.

KamedisOffers safe and effective remedies of botanical combinations for the relief of the symptoms of skin conditions such as dry skin, eczema, oily skin, acne, flaky skin, psoriasis, scaly scalp, dandruff and itchy or irritated skin.
AC-CLEAR Spot Treatment AC-CLEAR Spot Treatment – Clinically proven it includes a carefully selected, patented botanical combination

Moraz Medical HerbsProduces different skincare, cosmetics and hair care products made of medicinal plants. The unique climate and soil of Galilee optimizes biochemical properties, vitamins and natural acids of the plants.
Moraz+ Herbal Skin Booster Serum Rich in essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and proteins that are important for the protection of facial and neck skin from free radicals and factors that accelerate skin aging

Olea Essence Offers fully natural, olive-based beauty products. The product ingredients are family farmed plants. By adopting cutting edge patented technology, the products are developed in in-house laboratories.
Olea Essence Face Serum Olea Essence Face Serum rich with natural source of anti-oxidants, healthy vitamins and minerals.

Peer Pharm Ltd. A leading manufacturer of high quality cosmetics and toiletries products. The company provides private label and OEM solutions to a number of companies in Israel and worldwide. The product line offers innovative solutions for hair care and skincare.
Spa Pharmas’s Moisturizing & Nourishing Sheet Mask Spa Pharmas’s moisturizing & nourishing sheet mask, enriched with Aquaxyl®, hyaluronic acid and Dead Sea minerals.

S.SchwartzFor more than 50 years Schwartz Natural Cosmetics has been a family run company with a focus on expert formulation, blending, and manufacturing for skincare, hair care and beauty products. The new Schwartz Vegan line, free of any animal or animal derived products.
S.Schwartz Hair Mask 100% Vegan Friendly, high quality hair mask enriched with avocado and jojoba oil. SLS-free, paraben-free.

Secret of Youth A medicinal cosmetics manufacturer backed by biotechnology, specializing in skin treatment and improvement. The products are dermatologically tested, made of natural ingredients, fruits and vegetables and have received worldwide patent.
WrinkX™ WrinkX™ – Smooths and erases fine wrinkles in minutes. An effective alternative to invasive procedures.

Shemen Amour Dead Sea Ltd. A leading cosmetics company, which brings Dead Sea ingredients to more than 300 quality products for face, body, hair and SPA. A range of products at different price levels are all high quality, unique in formulation and combine minerals, natural oil, hemp oil and Moroccan Oil.
Hemp & Gold Gravity – Anti-Aging mask Hemp & Gold Gravity – Anti-Aging mask combines natural mud from the Dead Sea with Cannabis – Hemp oil, Vitamin E and gold powder.

Spa Cosmetics Ltd. Develops, manufactures and exports high quality Dead Sea products, offering a complete range of skin care products enriched with the legendary minerals of the Dead Sea.
Dead Sea salt face cream Dead Sea salt face cream presents the very best of the Dead Sea in a luxurious formula featuring rich minerals from the Dead Sea.

TavTech Ltd. TavTech’s technological principle is unique and sophisticated. Liquids such as serums, vitamins and acids are accelerated to high velocities then this stream of micro-droplets penetrates the skin to 2-2.5mm depth.
Globally recognized "Golden Standard" in skin rejuvenation advanced treatments via non-invasive & pain-free trans-dermal delivery of active solutions.

The Organic Hemp LineYears of cutting-edge research and development have led to our innovative skincare line based on the natural richness of organic hemp seed oil. All our products are Certified Organic and Certified Natural by ECO CERT Greenlife according to COSMOS standard.
Organic Hemp Seed Oil Facial Serum Facial Serum is enriched with Organic Hemp Seed Oil, and the silky Emulium® Mellifera emulsifier which creates unbeatable moisturizing effects.

Nitzan Paicov, Manager, Cosmetics & Toiletries, The Israel Export Institute says: "In recent years, the total export volume of Israeli beauty products has risen, reflecting high market demand. The Israeli beauty and toiletries industry offers a wide range of skincare products and esthetical devices, which are sold in the world’s most demanding markets, including Europe, North America and Asia. The Israel Export Institute is a non-profit organization supported by the Israeli government and the private sector, with an aim of promoting business relationships between overseas companies and Israeli companies. The cosmetics & toiletries sector at the Israel Export Institute exposes this industry at international platforms, increases global awareness and creates business opportunities for Israeli companies.
You are welcomed to visit the Israeli pavilion, at hall 1E.
For more information about the Israeli products — click here for the companies catalog
Source: prnasia

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