TOKYO, Jan. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Hoshi Corporation, the Tokyo-based OEM and ODM cosmetic company, has received a license from the Okinawa Regional Customs to operate Japan’s first bonded cosmetic factory.
The company is strongly geared toward exporting OEM and ODM cosmetic products with its logistics base in Okinawa, as driven by growing international demand for made-in-Japan cosmetic products, mainly to Asian and Oceania countries. Currently Hoshi has been dealing with over 700 overseas clients.
The bonded cosmetic factory operation license has enabled the company to fully use its high manufacturing technology and quality to reduce costs and realize swift production, thereby offering you affordable manufacturing plans thanks to reduced tariff and storage costs.
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– Features of the Okinawa factory:
The Okinawa factory is located in the Global Logistics Center (Okinawa GLC) that is operated by Okinawa Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd., a major player in the logistic industry in Japan.
By operating the bonded factory in the Okinawa GLC area neighboring Naha International Airport, Hoshi can undertake filling, packaging, assembling operations and store materials in the bonded area.
– Business advantages by fully utilizing Okinawa bonded factory:
TARIFF CUTSYou are NOT required to bear import duties imposed on cosmetic packages.
EXPRESS DELIVERYThe Okinawa factory is adjacent to Naha International Airport, allowing the lead time of import and export to be reduced.
GLOBAL LOGISTICS NETWORKMake use of the global network of the Yamato transportation group, the largest logistic company in Japan.
RELIABLE MADE-IN-JAPAN BULKHigh quality is assured by manufacturing under the Japanese GMP.
SMALL-LOT PRODUCTIONAccept manufacturing orders starting with a lot of 500 units
REDUCE STORAGE COSTProduct storage inside the Okinawa GLC is available at low cost.
SUPPORT CROSS-BORDER EC BUSINESSHoshino supports cross-border e-commerce business by utilizing its logistic facility as your business hub.
– Business flow by utilizing Okinawa bonded factory:
STEP 1Transfer cosmetic bulk to Okinawa factory from Hoshi’s domestic cosmetic manufacturing factories.
STEP 2Import Korean or Taiwanese cosmetic packaging.*Selected high-quality Taiwanese and Korean packaging can be imported at preferential tariff rates.
STEP 3Fill cosmetic bulk into imported containers.Final finishing process of assembling and packaging
STEP 4Export to your clients/agents (a third country) without custom clearance.Image: Comparison chart
Geographical advantage of Okinawa, the southernmost island of Japan:- The only 24-hour operating customs clearance system in Japan- Less than 4 hours on flight to major Asian cities- Located at the center of the mass Asian market of 2 billion customers
Advantages of choosing Hoshi Corporation as your OEM partner:- Track record of exports to more than 20 countries- Decades of cosmetic OEM business experience with over 700 domestic and overseas clients, with over 20,000 product types handled- 4 manufacturing factories in Japan (Tokyo, Gunma, Saitama and Okinawa)- A proven and trusted service that has been steadily forged since Hoshi’s founding
Company ProfileName: Hoshi CorporationAddress: 31-2, Kanda Higashi Matsushita-Cho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 101-0042, JAPANCEO: Tsuneo HoshinoFounded: April 30, 1975Capital: 80,000,000 yen
Business lines:- Sales of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and health foods- Planning and sales of containers and packaging materials- Planning and contract manufacturing of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and health foodsRelated Links :
Source: prnasia

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