HONG KONG, Jan. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Lunar New Year is around the corner. While everyone is busy preparing lucky foods for the season, on their list should also be abalones — the symbol of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. This year, the two michelin-starred restaurant Forum Restaurant presents Abalone in Supreme Sauce, which is unprecedented in Forum’s 40 years’ history.
The coming Chinese family dinner is therefore destined to be elegant and precious. It’s the best choice for a tribute. To celebrate this milestone, Forum Restaurant held Abalone in Supreme Sauce Launch Event, during which guests and media friends were treated dinner in "Chinese family" style.

Forum Restaurant Handcrafted Special Presents The Taste of Oriental

Forum Restaurant’s First Release of the Unique Abalone in Supreme Sauce; Deputy Executive Chef Mr. Wong Lung to Revolutionize Souvenirs of Hong Kong
Over the past 40 years, Forum Restaurant has never ceased to practise Hong Kong spirit and glorify Cantonese cuisines with the conviction of high quality maintenance and innovation. Having joined Forum for 26 years, Wong always wishes to turn Forum into a household name and let everyone enjoy the delicacy of Forum’s renowned abalones comfortably at home. More, he hopes that the abalones can be a souvenir that proudly represents Hong Kong. Today, after delicate preparation, Forum officially releases its Abalone in Supreme Sauce.
Trip to South Africa for quality abalones; The insistence of using dry abalones to maintain natural originality
In order to present top-quality abalones dishes, Forum Restaurant has strict ingredient selection process for Abalone in Supreme Sauce. Team of Forum Restaurant went to South Africa to look for dried abalones. Unlike the usual means of using fresh abalones, Wong picked the dried ones and unleashed their potential to the fullest. Despite the longer processing time, in return the abalones gained richer flavors and more glutinous texture.
Water quality is key to abalone farming. Forum’s selected farm is the sole certified abalone farm in the southeast region of South Africa. At the joint of seawater from the warm Indian Ocean, the cold Atlantic Ocean and the purest seawater coming from the Antarctic Pole annually, the farm enjoys a nutritious and contamination-free ocean territory, which is definitely the best place to breed the top-quality abalones.
Forage for abalones composes of dozens of algae cultivated specially to condense natural scents of abalones to the best. In addition to water quality and forage, contributing to the top quality of abalones are also strict monitoring, constant trials, climate, and scientific research. Adopting the traditional procedure as blueprint, Abalone in Supreme Sauce is meant to deliver its impeccable originality.
Rich in Taste, Rich in Layers; Contemporary production with security and hygiene
Determined to deliver the best flavor of Abalone in Supreme Sauce, Wong has carried out hundreds of tasting and fine tuning on the sauce recipe. Ultimately, he managed to create the rich-flavored and MSG-free sauce to be the perfect match of glutinous abalones. The taste of Abalone in Supreme Sauce is hence rich and multi-layered. The contemporary production process also reaches the top standard in terms of hygiene, quality, and monitoring examination guaranteed with the international QC certification.
The Unique Forum Restaurant Prepares Classic Delicacy to bring Home
At the launch event, Forum Restaurant introduced its brand new Abalone in Supreme Sauce, which were prepared for guests and media friends to take the lead in tasting. Wong also demonstrated the method of cooking the product on the spot, as well as shared cooking tips: First boil the whole can for 30 minutes, then open the canned abalone and boil on high heat. Abalone in Supreme Sauce is then ready to present its authentic flavor. This Lunar New Year, bring the classic delicacy of Forum Restaurant back home and share with family and friends.
Forum Restaurant – Abalone in Supreme Sauce
Original Price: $1,888Special Promotion Price: $1,288Download Videos & Images: https://bit.ly/2W2KkOG
About Forum Restaurant
Forum Restaurant launched in 1977. Over the past 40 years, it has grown with all Hongkongers of varied generations and received the prestigious Michelin Two-Star award to glorify Cantonese cuisines to the world.
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