Lindawaty’s business mentor, Wempy Dyocta Koto, invested Rp 1 billion to expand the business and publication.
JAKARTA, Indonesia, June 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — As recipe and food photography have huge viral potential on social media, Lindawaty, an Indonesian entrepreneur and a woman behind @dapur_lindawaty account with more than 126K followers, today launches her first recipe compilation book, Resep Rahasia Menu Kekinian. With up to 81 appealing cake and bread recipes to entice tens of thousands likes on the Instagram’s account, the book also reflects tips for beginner bakers, strategies to promote the business, as well as producing high-quality content on Instagram. The book is now available for preorder on this link and will be available for purchase at any bookstore in Indonesia soon.

The newly-launched "Resep Rahasia Menu Kekinian" written by Lindawaty.

"After spending two years in cooking and experimenting hundreds of new recipes, I aim to convey my knowledge of how to create visually appealing foods that are tasty and delicious to the Indonesian people. This aims to create a lot of new jobs and business opportunities to people, particularly for young women in this country. Until recently, I got investment of Rp 1 billion from my business mentor, Wempy Dyocta Kota, in April 2018. I am more confident now to raise my hobby into a business. Apart of production cost, this investment will be used to map our marketing strategy, e-course baking program, as well curating baking-related products," said Lindawaty.
As a top foodie influencer across social media, Lindawaty established a high level of two-way communication with the followers on Instagram, that are mostly women and young mothers. Lindawaty adds, "Followers consider @dapur_lindawaty as a trustworthy information source, thus they keep coming back with a lot of questions about cooking tips and recipes. They are thrilled to share their personal food recipe, asking for my idea to modify it to improve its taste and result."
Redesign SMEs Business Potential through Instagram Feeds
In a survey of 2,000 Instagram users in Indonesia, 52 percent said they were interested in a product or business, after looking at Instagram Stories’ post. According to a report by Instagram, there are over 25 million business profiles using Instagram in November 2017, mainly at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
"It is a huge step forward for the food industry, as well as SME, to tap into the rapid economic growth in Indonesia. A data from Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) in 2018 reveals, culinary sector contributes up to IDR 382 trillion in gross domestic product of the country’s creative economy. Thus, through numbers of business training, mentoring program, and investment fund, I aim to promote SMEs, with a focus on culinary business, in Indonesia," said Wempy. As an entrepreneur and international business investor, Wempy now targets to invest IDR 10 billion to hundreds of SMEs entrepreneurs in Indonesia.
Through hundreds of posts on her Instagram feeds, Lindawaty believes that tons of business opportunities will await her 126K followers, most of which are women and young mothers. "I have a mission to educate all followers about the importance of creating visually appealing dishes, yet tasty at the same time, as a promising strategy to increase sales. This is equally important, particularly when we intend to succeed the online marketing strategy. Through the launch of this book, I believe that if you’re active on social media, you can successfully grow your own business," said Lindawaty. In the near future, Lindawaty will extend the offline activities, such as cooking and food-styling workshops, to engage more with her followers. Apart of Resep Rahasia Menu Kekinian and Instagram account @dapur_lindawaty, you can access her miscellaneous recipes at
About Lindawaty:
Lindawaty is a woman entrepreneur from Indonesia, who has successfully raised various SMEs business in Indonesia. Successful expanding a Muslim lifestyle business, Lindawaty found another passion in baking a cake, that is being her focus now.
On her Instagram account, @dapur_lindawaty, Lindawaty actively shares and posts her favorite recipes that inspire hundreds of thousands of followers. Through her recipes, she aims to share a positive spirit, that pursuing a new skill is possible to conquer.
Apart of her cooking skill, Lindawaty is also an influential figure of fashion and beauty industry. With passion in beauty, she’s successfully run a Muslim salon business @tewinksalon and mobile salon @muztreat. She has also published a fashion book "Inspirasi Hijab Turban" which later become a guide book of turban style for muslimah.
As a story behind the business success, Linda was assisted by Wempy Dyocta Koto, a financier, CEO, and international speaker, as her mentor. Linda said, "Wempy has opened my eyes to the real business. He’s not only share his knowledge, but also inspire us to always believe in ourselves, that we can be succeed in business." To get more information about career coach and top business tips from Wempy Dyocta Koto, follow @wempydyoctakoto on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.  
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