Shiseido Travel Retail teams up with Jewel Changi Airport and teamLab to create an out-of-this-world immersive art installation that engages the senses through sound, scent, sight, and touch.
SINGAPORE, May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Shiseido Travel Retail introduces a different beauty experience with the S E N S E art installation at Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore. The art installation is found at the SHISEIDO FOREST VALLEY’s West Trail, and it was inaugurated by Shiseido’s President and CEO, Masahiko Uotani, at an exclusive launch event that invited guests to ignite their senses. 



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The S E N S E art installation is a collaboration between SHISEIDO and teamLab, a Tokyo-based interdisciplinary art collective. A dynamic harmony of logic and feeling, the material and spiritual, S E N S E is the result of diverse minds coming together, uniting scientists, researchers, composers and artists to create an experience of scent to create calm; an experience of sound to create peace; an experience of sight to create serenity; an experience of touch to create harmony. Ultimately, the S E N S E experience allows travellers from around the world to reignite their senses and connect with their inner selves to rediscover meaningful beauty.

As night falls, teamLab’s creation magically illuminates the trees at the S E N S E art installation at SHISEIDO FOREST VALLEY.

"We know that consumers are now looking for stories and brands that can represent their mission in a manner that resonates with their individual narratives. Innovating for the traveller is one of the core focus areas for Shiseido Travel Retail, and the S E N S E art installation at SHISEIDO FOREST VALLEY reflects that — establishing a deeper connection between our brand and consumers by enabling them to live our story through their own experience. Together with our partners, Jewel Changi Airport and teamLab, we are excited to unveil this immersive experience to take our consumers and travellers from around the world beyond the realms of traditional retail," said Mr Philippe Lesné, President and CEO of Shiseido Travel Retail.

Officially marking the launch of the S E N S E art installation at SHISEIDO FOREST VALLEY: From L to R, Shiseido Travel Retail President & CEO Philippe Lesné, Shiseido Group President & CEO Masahiko Uotani, Jewel Changi Airport Development CEO Hung Jean, and SHISEIDO Chief Brand Officer Yoshiaki Okabe.

Ms Hung Jean, Chief Executive Officer of Jewel Changi Airport Devt. said: "Jewel is a multi-dimensional lifestyle destination and since its opening, we are heartened by the immense support shown by our visitors. The collaboration with SHISEIDO and teamLab will showcase another facet of the unique Jewel experience that is co-curated with our partnership to delight visitors." 

Japanese model and creator Emi Suzuki explores S E N S E at the exclusive launch event held at SHISEIDO FOREST VALLEY.


SHISEIDO FOREST VALLEY: Experience the beauty of nature in this lush, tranquil retreat by SHISEIDO in the heart of Jewel Changi Airport.

teamLab’s artwork Resonating Forest illuminates the trees at the S E N S E art installation at SHISEIDO FOREST VALLEY’s West Trail. Each tree’s light is autonomous, shining brightly and fading as if it is breathing, accentuating the mystique of nature. The installation transforms as visitors delve further into the forest’s depths, honing their sense of sight as the lights dance and flicker.
"In line with SHISEIDO’s philosophy, teamLab seeks to navigate the confluence of art, science, technology design and the natural world. We aim to explore a new relationship between humans and the world through art. The Resonating Forest — SHISEIDO FOREST VALLEY at Jewel Changi Airport transforms due to the presence of humans, and this in turn, changes and redefines the relationship between people in the same space. By making people part of the work through interactivity, this installation creates an experience that transcends and blurs the boundaries between people and the artwork, and between the self and others," said teamLab.
During the day, a uniquely composed SHISEIDO musical piece will reignite visitors’ aural senses along this sensory exploration. Yota Morimoto, composer and sound artist, composed music that recreates the breathing sound of a natural forest. A blend of natural elements, as well as Japanese and Western instruments create the pink and brown noises that evoke the relaxing sound of nature, proven to release stress and tension.
As night falls and the resonating forest by teamLab come alive, a specially designed music arrangement based on the modified tones and pitches of the glass harmonica and ocean waves will pacify with a sense of balance and harmony. As visitors interact with the artwork, the countless calming tones at varying pitches spread together with the coloured lights.
Olfactory senses will be awakened by the SHISEIDO Ultimune scent, created by Dr Tomonori Ueda, Senior Fragrance Design Researcher SHISEIDO. The scent contains a combination of soothing aromatic notes, including Rose and Lotus elements that are proven to relieve stress and bestowing a calming effect, based on SHISEIDO’s long years in aromacology research[1].
To enhance the experience, visitors can interact with their surroundings, by downloading the Jewel Changi Airport app on iTunes or Google Play to access SHISEIDO’s very own S E N S E app. Learn more about each sensory element that is re-ignited throughout the journey and conclude the experience by a message on the virtual SHISEIDO Tree[2].
The S E N S E art installation is located at the West Trail of SHISEIDO FOREST VALLEY, a wondrous four-storey indoor ‘forest’ which will allow visitors to experience the Japanese appreciation of nature, beauty and art. 
Hi-res visuals and video material of the event and the S E N S E art installation can be downloaded via this link.
S E N S E visitor experience details:
Title: S E N S E at SHISEIDO FOREST VALLEY Venue: SHISEIDO FOREST VALLEY at Jewel Changi Airport: entry and exit points at every levelS E N S E is located at the West Trail of SHISEIDO FOREST VALLEYHours: Open daily | 24 hours Admission: Free

[1] Using results of its long years in aromacology research, SHISEIDO combined fragrance ingredients Rose Element (TMB) and Lotus Element (DMB) that not only relax the mood but also have anti-stress effects to relieve stress. Lotus Element is also known to be effective in repairing the skin’s barrier function. *DMB: Dimethoxybenzene, **TMB: Trimethoxybenzene [2] This digital experience will also be made available on the SHISEIDO International WeChat account (launching in July 2019). 

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As part of its commitment to accelerate multi-brand growth in the travel retail channel, Shiseido Group has divided the world into six regional entities under its Vision 2020 corporate plan, with Travel Retail recognised as a territory in its own right.
Shiseido Travel Retail, effective 1 May 2016 and headquartered in Singapore, takes a "Think Global, Act Local" approach in cultivating each of its brands based on region and market-specific needs, while accelerating decision-making and production development. The company’s portfolio includes skincare brands SHISEIDO, Clé de Peau Beauté, Anessa, IPSA and Elixir; make-up brands NARS, bareMinerals and Laura Mercier; as well as fragrance brands Dolce & Gabbana, Issey Miyake, Narciso Rodriguez, Elie Saab, Alaïa Paris, Zadig & Voltaire, and Serge Lutens.
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