TAIPEI, Taiwan, April 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — UBM Taiwan and Council of Agriculture (COA) collectively launch 2018 Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum at Taipei World Trade Center from July 26-28. Themed "innovative, eco-friendly, sustainable," the trade show positions itself as a one-stop B2B international trading platform and aims to showcase climate-smart agriculture facilities, seeds and seedlings, indoor farming equipment and more. Taiwan Seed Varieties will return to pavilion this year and is sure to once again draw the interest of many attendees.

Ching Long Seed’s Cauliflower Seeds H-37 features the highest heat-tolerance and extra-early variety 37-day maturity after transplanting.

The development features of adaptable plant seeds and seedlings are seen as one of the solutions to the upcoming climate change and food crisis challenges. In recent years, the local authority in Taipei, COA, guided seeds manufacturers to improve F1 hybrid seed collecting techniques that resulted in superior harvest performance of cruciferous vegetables, watermelons and cherry tomatoes. "Cruciferous vegetables, cucurbit crops, banana seedlings and graft passion fruit seedlings are the strength of Taiwan. They feature good quality and greater survival of grafted plants, and are heat-, disease-, moisture-, and drought-resistant and tolerant," said Ms. Sabine Liu, General Manager of UBM Taiwan.

The newest Cavendish banana somaclone cultivar (GCTCV-218-2) is characterized by moderate-to-high resistance to FOC TR4, high-yields, and only mild affection by thrips.

Based upon the statistics, the export business of Taiwan seeds and seedlings achieved a total of USD35 million in 2017. Seeds of broccolis, cauliflowers, cherry tomatoes, watermelons, pumpkins, kidney beans, peas, aubergines, sweet peppers and graft passion fruit seedlings are the most traded items. The featured exhibitors invited to showcase at the pavilion of Taiwan Seed Varieties this year include Besgrow Seed, Ching Long Seed, Agronew Trading, Taiwan Banana Research Institute, Known-You Seed and Sing-Flow Seed Trading.
The 2nd edition of Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum is held concurrently with Livestock & Aquaculture Taiwan Expo & Forum. The Expo is being supported by 25 international associations and 18 professional media bodies, and will be serving exhibitors and buyers with new market trends and business opportunities. Visitor online registration and the buyer accommodation subsidy program are open now. For more exhibition information and details, please refer to the official website or contact Ms. Sophia Lu (TEL: +886-2-2738-3898; FAX: +886-2-2738-4886; Email:

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