‘’Let Nutrition be the medicine & medicine be the nutrition’’

For people who are not familiar with this influential quote yet, must read this article to understand the importance of organic food and its nutritional value in our lives!

Irrespective of our diet, going for organic food can be a smart choice for our personal health. Not only are these foods free from harmful chemicals, but are also full of taste and nourishment. Here’s why preferring organic food over synthetic diet may do wonders in your lifestyle:

Steer Clear of GMO

Consuming genetically engineered food (GE) injected with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) can make you more prone towards allergies and reduce the immunity of your body. Choosing organically grown food, on the other hand, is the right way to make sure that your diet circumvents GMO foods.

Forestall Harmful Chemicals

The only way to stay away from harmful chemicals and fertilizers added to the commercially grown fruits and vegetables is including organic food items in your nourishment regime. A recent study conducted by the National Academy of Sciences testified that approximately 90% of the foods were tested with toxic chemicals having a long term impact on health. Only 1% food items were tested for the pesticide residue.

Be Blessed With A Better Taste

Try organic food and check for yourself! Many people and studies have suggested that organically grown food items generally have a better taste because they are grown from the well-balanced soil that produces healthy and strong plants. Such a food is better nourished and is grown for better taste above appearance.

Dodge Hormones, Drugs & Antibiotics In The Animal Products

Most of the meat and dairy products are at the highest risk of contamination by toxic substances. It is believed that Americans consume over 90% pesticides that are found in the meat and/or dairy products. Besides, antibiotics, growth hormones, and drugs are also passed directly into these products that may lead to early onset of the puberty, genetic problems, growth of tumors, and increasing risks of developing cancers.

Supplementing More Nutrients To Your Diet

Many studies have confirmed that organic foods are rich in nutrients like vitamins, micronutrients, minerals, and enzymes in comparison to the commercially grown food items as the soil is well-managed and nourished through sustainable practices in accordance with the responsible standards. In addition, it is further seen that the servings of organic fruits, vegetables, and grains provide a sufficient balance of vitamin C, vitamin A, proteins, and other nutrition elements whereas the same amount of traditionally grown food do not.

Last, but not the least, organically grown food preserves biodiversity. The extensive loss of various agricultural species is a major environmental worry today. It is projected that roughly 75% of the genomic diversity of the agricultural crops is lost since the last century. Therefore, tilting heavily on a few food varieties may soon lead to devastation. Spending money prudently on the organic food is, therefore, a direct vote to have a sustainable future for many more generations to come.