MATSUYAMA, Japan, Jan. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Ehime Prefecture of Japan will hold the "3rd Ehime Food Fair" at Yumaowu high-end supermarket branches located in Changhua city and Taichung from Friday, January 25, to Sunday, January 27, 2019, to showcase Ehime food products such as seasonal citrus fruits and the high-quality pork meat that Ehime Prefecture is very proud of.
Ehime Prefecture is located in the northwestern part of Shikoku island, one of the four main islands that form Japan. The prefecture produces the largest volume of citrus oranges in Japan, and the citrus fruit has also been exported to Taiwan, becoming popular there due to its first-class quality. Ehime Prefecture is also well known for its warm hospitality, along with its delectable cuisine.
This time, Ehime Prefecture selected its first-class quality orange varieties for Taiwanese customers. One of them is the "Unshu Mikan (mandarin orange)" breed which is harvested in the area of Maana, one of the best citrus production areas in Ehime. The mandarin oranges have passed wintering over trees to maximize their sweetness. Another variety is the "Kanpei" species which is originally bred in Ehime and is known for its supreme taste and distinctive sweetness.
Photo1: Unshu Mikan, Kanpei
The prefecture will also present the locally bred "Ehime Amatoro Buta" pork which is known for its tender and juicy taste.
Photo2: Ehime Amatoro Buta
In addition, the prefecture will also exhibit Ehime specialties from 11 manufacturers, including the "Ichiroku Tart cake," "Balloon Orange jelly" and "Jakara cider" as well as dried food and sardine products. Six representatives of these companies will attend the fair to sell their products.
Photo3: Ichiroku Tart cake, Balloon Orange jelly, Jakara cider
(*The products to be exhibit at the fair are subject to change.)
January 25 (Friday), 2019    #2 branch (Xiaoyang branch)January 26 (Saturday), 2019  #1 branch (Gongyi branch)January 27 (Sunday), 2019   #5 branch (Chongde branch)
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