2014·5th Shanghai  High-end Lifestyle Exhibition—-

              Special Exhibition of Private Health Management

The Corresponding Period: “Private Health Management” High-end Brand Forum

Time: March 28—March 30 , 2014        Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Center


Ø  Preface

The “2013 Shanghai International High-end Lifestyle Exhibition” organized by China Luxury Trade Committee, Chinese Fashion Brand Association and Shanghai Shunzhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd was successfully ended in Shanghai World Expo Center on April 26-28. More than 120 famous enterprises attended the exhibition, and 6357 audiences were attracted. The exhibition area was nearly 12000m2, the exhibits were worth of above RMB 7 billion yuan in total, the on-site business volume was over 51 million yuan, and the intentional business volume was 212 million yuan.

The “Special Exhibition for Private Health Management” was put forward based on the high-end lifestyle exhibition. Some foreign enterprises did not attend the exhibition under the impact of the “bird flu”, but the exhibition still attracted more than 40 enterprise exhibitors from China, Switzerland, Ukraine, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, including the triple A hospital PLA General Hospital which is top in China, Josho International Co., Ltd, Ukrainian centre for embryonic stem cell transplantation, German fresh stem cells, Swiss Medica 21st Century, 301 International Medical Center, Taiwan Herui, Yihong International, BRILLANZ, New Media Asia, CONTINUUM, Pok Oi Hospital, Sentech, Swiss Dr. Venturi Outpatient, DeVoe International, Baojia Medical, Medical Tourism Japan Co., Ltd, Swiss PHC health center, Japan GMC general medicine, Medical Montreux Regeneration Center, Continuum Telehealth Systems Co., Ltd, Hongkong Golden Eagle Group, Taiwan BIOLET, Shanghai Elikeme Medical Cosmetology Hospital, Japan Bioproducts Industry Co., Ltd, China Ping’an High-end Medical Insurance, etc.

As people’s consumption level increases, their demand for health care becomes higher and higher, and the high-end medical industry emerge. According to a survey in Shanghai, about 210,000 people living and working in Shanghai are from abroad, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, over 500,000 floating people from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and abroad are engaged in business activities, and local high-income people and those in Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country have potential demand for high-end medical service. According to the estimation of the per capital medical consumption amount of Shanghai’s high-income people, the current potential market scale of Shanghai’s high-end medical service is round 11 billion yuan which will reach nearly 16.5 billion yuan to 18.5 billion yuan in 2015 (considering the high-income people from Yangtze River Delta and the whole country who seek medical service in Shanghai, the market scale of Shanghai’s high-end medical service will be nearly 30 billion).

As private health management is a comprehensive management process which gives priority to personal health, private health management organizations which only served the rich class of and “golden-collar workers” has developed into an industry with quite high scale potential in China. The potential market scale of Chinese health management is tens of billions, and now only several billion or so is showed at the present stage. Chinese private health management industry has saved up strength to start out, and private health management organizations are faced with new opportunities and challenges.


Ø  Brief Information of Exhibition



Chinese Medical Doctor Association Health Management and Medical Insurance Specialized Committee

China Preventive Medicine Association Health Risk Assessment and Controlling Specialized Committee

World Expo Research Center Private Enterprise Development Promotion Committee

Self-Care Magazine


Supported By:                          

Shanghai International Medical Communication Center

Health Management and Policy Center of China Europe International Business School

Shanghai Social Health Institution Trade Association

Shanghai Medical Association Health Management Branch

Shanghai Health Management Research Society

Shanghai Nutrition Institute

Shanghai Health Care Product Institute


Undertaker unit: Shanghai Shunzhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.


Supporting Media:

39 Health Net, Top medical and Health Net, China Health Management Net, Tencent, Sohu, Netease, Mobile TV, China Business Network, 21st Century Business Herald, China Health Circle, Medicine Circle, Yigoo Magazine, National Business Daily, Shanghai Radio & TV Weekly, Xinminwanbao Newspaper, Shanghai Morning Post, Shanghai Evening Post, Shanghai Times, The Age, Shanghai Business Daily and The Bund.


Ø Powerful advertising Careful and thorough audience invitation

I. Buyer recruitment

1. Recruit target: audience according to product categories subdivision

2. Coverage of promotion media:

More than 50 newspapers, more than 30 magazines, more than 100 websites

3. Invite professional buyers by direct mails: 5000 mails

4. Invite professional buyers by e-mail: 50000 emails

5. Invite professional buyers by SMS: 100,000 SMS

6. Guild and professional audience team

7. Audience lucky draw activity with enticing prizes


8. Release exhibition dynamics by email


II. All-round expo promotion (full upgrade marketing program)

1. Highly promoted by national industry as well as home and abroad portal websites

2. Newspapers/news magazines, advertising

3. Invite buyersby direct mail

4. Outdoor advertising

5. Television and radio report the highlights of expo

6. Invite professional buyers to the scene by phone

7. Remind buyers to attend the exhibition by SMS


8. Strongly invite buyers through industrial professional media and partners



Ø  Attendees

1.  Chamber of Commerce, member of the Entrepreneurs Association from Shanghai/Jiangsu/Zhejiang   

2.    Luxury car owners: owners of 15 types of top brand sports car and luxury car          

3.    Top property owners: owners of30 villas and high-end real estate    

4.    VIP customers of major luxury brands

5.    VIP clients of International Bank of various banks               

6.    VIP clients of various insurance companies

7.    VIP customers of various securities companies                    

8.    Foreign embassies and representatives of companies in Shanghai 

9.    Business elite, white-collar worker, returnee entrepreneurs and others;           

10.   Various association, arts organization and performing institutions, etc.;

11.   Individual private business owners from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, private entrepreneur

12.   Decision makers of various groups in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai;          


Ø  Data of Exhibition Past


Exhibitor No.

VIP Visitor No.

Spot Turnover

Intention Turnover




37 Million

127 Million




48.9 Million

189 Million




62 Million

348 Million




51 Million

212 Million


Ø  Range of display:

Health Care Products    Anti-Aging Products           Foreign Medical Institute

Cosmetic Medical      Health Auxiliary Facilities       Mother Care Center

HospitalRegimen Club and related Associations             Medical Technology


Ø  Sponsorship  

1 chief sponsor      2 Diamond Sponsors     3 Platinum Sponsors

1. Press conference support 2. Forum support   3. Dinner support  4. Flowers support

5. Gift support for VIP’s lucky draw 6. Drinks support 7. Support award changed by ticket

8. Support for VIP’s designated car

(Please contact the Organizing Committee for details)


Ø  Rules and Regulations

1.    Fill in the application form, mail or fax to the organizer;

2.    Exhibitors pay booth fee by TT or hand to the organizer within 3 days after the application of exhibition booth, we will issue invoice after receiving the full amount of participation fee;

3.    Principle of booth order distribution: “apply first, pay first, arrange first”, plus extra 10% for double-sided open booth;

4.    After exhibitors remit all the fees, please fax the bank receipt to the organizer;

5.    The booth can be reserved only after the exhibitors pay participation fee within the prescribed time limit;

6.    After received the application and booth fee, the organizer will send Exhibitor Manual to exhibitors before March 15, 2014.

Ø  Participation method

If your unit applies for participating in the exhibition, please properly fill in Exhibition participation application form and agreement, and send it to Shanghai Shun Zhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., after affixed public seal by mailing or faxing:


Shanghai Shunzhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Address: Room222,349Jiu Du Road,Shanghai,

Zip code: 201615

Contact Person: Mr. Wang Qiang     

Mobile: (0) 18301757884 

Tel.: +86-21-6460 5459to8023

Fax: +86-21-6119 8626





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