Ways on How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality



Everyday we face the environmental problems we have such as waste, pollution, extreme temperatures and a lot more. Our homes serve as a place to relax, to get away from the loads of jobs we handle and to be safe from all the risks. However, do you know that you can be at risk even if you avoid the outdoors? According to a report from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), it states that people around the world spends around 80% of their time indoors. It was also mentioned that the indoor air quality can pose threats to the health and the lives of everyone. The reason is because even if you avoid the pollution outdoors, the indoor air quality can be three to five times contaminated than the outdoors.

How can we make sure that the indoor air is better than those of the outdoors? First,  let the air circulation flows freely. Provide proper ventilation to allow the air to flow outside and the air from the outside gets in as well. If there are not enough air passages, you can make use of exhaust fans to get rid of the pollutants especially in the bathroom and the kitchen. Second, during day time, you can open the windows and ribbon your curtains to allow the sunlight penetrate the room. The temperature can help reduce the accumulation of molds and bacterias on wet surfaces. Third, find indoor plants which can help maintain the indoor source of oxygen in good condition. This can help minimize the spread of airborne diseases such as colds and flu. You can put indoor plants in the bathroom too if there is enough space for one. The plant doenst have to be bigger and even a small pot will be okay so as not to occupy a lot of space and be an eye sore. Fourth, avoid using spray deodorizer. This will only hide the foul odours inside the room and will add up to worsen the indoor air quality. Use green or environmental cleaning formulas to clean the room. To provide a refreshing aroma, you can use candles instead. Candles are better tools to get rid of foul or stinky smells in the room. Lastly, the best way to keep the air better in the room is to keep the place clean everyday. Make sure to throw the garbages at night to avoid pests and replace rugs and doormats weekly to avoid the accumulation of bacterias and molds and keep all surfaces dry at all times.