Cutting-edge technologies and equipment found at Asia Agri-Tech Expo from July 26-28
TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Cross-cutting business model can now be seen in the fields of agriculture, aquaculture and livestock. The Asia Agri-Tech Expo and Forum is a comprehensive expression of it.  Focusing on smart agriculture, innovative technologies and features of energy saving and environmental friendly, it is the representative trading show in Asia-Pacific region and also the only one of its kind in Taiwan. Organised by UBM Asia Taiwan Branch, the trade show will take place at Taipei World Trade Center from July 26-28 and co-locate with Aquaculture and Livestock Taiwan Expo and Forum.

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Function resistance to adversity
The local authority, Council of Agriculture (COA), guided seeds manufacturers to improve F1 hybrid seed collecting techniques that resulted in superior harvest performance of cruciferous vegetables, watermelons and cherry tomatoes. The featured exhibitors invited to showcase at the pavilion of Taiwan Seed Varieties this year include Besgrow Seed, Ching Long Seed, Agronew Trading, Taiwan Banana Research Institute, Known-You Seed and Sing-Flow Seed Trading.
One of the exhibitors – CH Biotech, developed ‘Weather Mend,’ a product to regulate plant gene expression system with non-genetically modified active components, which is seen as a crucial solutions for crops in facing extreme climate change. This product aims to increase plant survival rate and helps steady food supply. Not only will it initiate plants’ defence mechanism in advance, but also reduce losses caused by severe weather.

The pavilion of Taiwan Seed Varieties will showcase seeds with function resistance to adversity.

Livestock red ocean trade
To meet Southeast Asia countries’ renewable energy policies, UBM Taiwan makes ‘Biogas Power Pavilion’ debut at the 2018 trade show. Also, the thematic conference of ‘circular economy: biogas policies and current practices’ will be introduced. 
The biogas desulfurization and purification equipment, showcased by Cheng Feng Environmental Technology, is currently the most advanced and highest removal technology. It can adequately remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and mercaptan (R-SH) above 99 percent. Apart from that, an increase of methane concentration can be achieved up to 20 percent, which effectively accelerate gas efficiency of biogas generators.
Poultry equipment is another prime focus. Salmet’s conventional cage system provides 750 square centimetres cage space for each laying hen; whereas,  Nabel egg grading and packing systems are capable of inspecting microcracks at the surface of egg shells.  The wide range of capacity from 10,000 to 240,000 eggs per hour is assured, said Nabel. Other featured brands such as MOBA, Kohshin, Nuovo, AGCO GSI, and Seyang will also display the latest and complete spec of poultry equipment.

Cheng Feng Environmental Technology will introduce biogas desulfurization and purification equipment at ‘Biogas Power Pavilion’; while poultry equipment is another prime focus.

Advanced application in IoT
The input of ICT, IoT and AI technologies has become the future trend of aquaculture industry. The improvement of farming operation is benefited mostly from water detectors. Aquas, for example, introduces ‘Multiparameter Water Quality Monitoring Sonde’ and ‘pH Analyzer’ to probe surface water level, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, ammonia nitrogen, oil in water, etc. They have shown a good performance and helped users to stabilize water quality efficiently.
Quadlink QAM300-DE is powered by solar cell. It can collect scientific data and aquatic organism growth management records from hatch to seafood products. So far, it has abundant database that is able to use deep learning analysis for farming environment. On the other hand, QAM300-OC can work with auto feeders to feed fish only when necessary to save the feed cost; while it works with QAM300-DE to paddle the water only as oxygen in water is insufficient to save energy consumption by 30-50 percent.

Aquas ‘Multiparameter Water Quality Monitoring Sonde’, ‘pH Analyzer’ and Quadlink ‘QAM300-DE’ help users to detect water quality efficiently.

The second edition of Asia Agri-Tech Expo and Forum will be held in conjunction with Aquaculture and Livestock Taiwan from July 26-28. The three-day grand trade show contains one-on-one business matchmaking programmes and over 40 thematic seminars and conferences.
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