HKSH doctors to join the first–in-market "AXA Signature Network" to provide a revolutionary medical service experience
HONG KONG, Oct. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — AXA Hong Kong ("AXA") and HKSH Medical Group ("HKSH") entered into collaboration today (3 October 2018) under which HKSH will be the first and biggest partner of the market-first "AXA Signature Network" ("the Network"). Doctors from HKSH will provide quality and professional medical treatment and advice to AXA customers. As a long-term partner for its customers, AXA Hong Kong understands customer needs. The newly set up AXA Signature Network will be available in selected plans in the near future and will enable its customers to enjoy high-quality medical services, simplified procedures and a revolutionary medical services experience. It may also help to relieve the burden on the public medical system and the pressure on hospital beds.

(From left to right) Yi-mien Koh, Managing Director of Health and Employee Benefits, AXA Hong Kong; Etienne Bouas-Laurent, Chief Executive Officer, AXA Hong Kong; Dr. Walton Li, Chief Executive Officer, HKSH Medical Group and Medical Superintendent of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital; and Dr. Joseph Chan, Chief Medical Officer, HKSH Medical Group cum Deputy Medical Superintendent of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital attended the signing ceremony of AXA Hong Kong and HKSH Medical Group collaboration

"Rising healthcare costs have long been a concern for Hong Kong people. We strive to provide customers with adequate counselling and the most appropriate treatment when they need it with access to high-quality medical services. AXA shares the same beliefs with HKSH Medical Group. We are honoured to have them to join our AXA Signature Network as a founding member, and as the medical organisation with the largest number of participating medical professionals," said Etienne Bouas-Laurent, Chief Executive Officer, AXA Hong Kong. "As a market-leading private hospital, HKSH Medical Group is recognised for its advanced medical technology and highly skilled medical professionals. We also have great confidence in their internal governance system, and believe our collaboration will bring the greatest benefits to patients. We aim to provide our customers with the most professional medical advice, simplest administrative procedures and the most comprehensive services."
"The unprecedented collaboration in HKSH history represents a joint effort by HKSH Medical Group and AXA to put the patients first and foremost by broadening access to high-quality healthcare — top-ranking doctors in their respective fields, the most comprehensive array of advanced medical equipment and warm nursing care. The patient-centric approach demonstrated in the plan will help minimise patient anxiety by ensuring coverage and handling associated administrative tasks offline," said Dr. Walton Li, Chief Executive Officer, HKSH Medical Group and Medical Superintendent of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital.
"AXA Signature Network" is the first in the market, and will have 5 private hospitals with approximately 500 doctors in total participating in the Network, covering Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. The Network doctors will offer the best quality medical services in a simple, hassle-free and cashless way, thus enhancing the total customer experience. We will continue to develop and expand the "AXA Signature Network" and offer this in conjunction with our existing and new medical insurance and employee benefit plans. This not only gives more customers quality medical services in reputable private hospitals, but may also help to relieve the burden on the public medical system and the pressure on hospital beds," said Yi-mien Koh, Managing Director of Health and Employee Benefits, AXA Hong Kong.
Comprehensive network with top-ranking doctors — HKSH as the first and biggest Network Partner
The first-in-the-market "AXA Signature Network" invited more than 130 doctors from HKSH to participate. As the first medical institution to join the "AXA Signature Network", the specialist services from HKSH Medical Group are the most comprehensive in Hong Kong private hospitals, covering primary care to cutting-edge medical care.
"Over 130 HKSH specialists will be put on the ‘AXA Signature Network’ list, covering over 30 specialties. These doctors include our Honorary Consultants and we hope more will join in future," Dr. Li added.
The plan will cover a number of common specialties, including Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Dermatology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, ENT Head and Neck Surgery, Oncology and Surgery.
"Other than the variety of specialities, service location is also important. HKSH Medical Group’s service locations under the Network will include our hospital campus in Happy Valley, all five sites for specialty services in the major business districts on Hong Kong Island and the new centre in Shau Kei Wan which will open in 2019. Patients using our services in different sites can be reassured that their electronic medical records will be accessible. The cooperation with AXA Hong Kong at this time reflects the trust and the confidence of the insurance industry towards HKSH’s clinical governance. HKSH will closely monitor clinical governance, maintain fee consistency and transparency to ensure the efficiency and quality of our medical services, as well as to protect patients’ rights," said Dr. Joseph Chan, Chief Medical Officer, HKSH Medical Group cum Deputy Medical Superintendent of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital.
Top expert to provide a second medical opinion[1]
In the face of critical illness, especially cancer, patients hope to seek the most appropriate medication and medical advice. AXA understands the needs of customers and believes that Hong Kong has the best medical professionals. The "AXA Signature Network" has invited the top local medical practitioners and authoritative experts from various specialities including university professors, academicians and experienced medical practitioners to offer a second opinion. With just one phone call, AXA will help to arrange one free meeting with an authoritative expert within ten working days after collecting a patient’s data. There will be no need to wait for a medical report from an overseas hospital, instead, the patient will be able to meet the local authoritative expert directly and obtain a second medical opinion in order to have the most appropriate medical treatment. There will be more products in the future to offer "AXA Signature Network".
No pre-authorisation required and direct billing[2] to offer a simplified user experience
The "AXA Signature Network" will offer a simplified procedure, customers will only need to present their AXA medical cards[3] and personal identification document to the selected healthcare facilities in order to make an appointment with the medical practitioners within the Network. Without prior document submission and pre-authorisation, customers can focus on recovery and enjoy a cashless treatment experience as long as it is within the overall annual benefits limit[4] and the treatment is medically necessary.
"For the best medical care, we believe in 3Rs: ‘Right patient with the Right doctor for the Right procedure’. It is through this that healthcare resources can be used most efficiently and effectively for the betterment of Hong Kong while ensuring better clinical outcomes," Dr. Chan said.

Second medical opinion will only be applicable for selected product(s). For details, please refer to relevant policy provision and information.

Direct billing will only be applicable for selected product(s) and for confinement or treatment conducted at the healthcare facilities within the "AXA Signature Network". "Within AXA Signature Network" means (i) any treatment which is conducted by a registered medical practitioner, surgeon or specialist who is listed in the "AXA Signature Network" Directory; and (ii) such treatment or confinement is performed at a designated healthcare facility which is listed in the "AXA Signature Network" Directory. For details, please refer to relevant policy provision and information.

Only applicable to relevant insurance plan.

Overall annual benefit limit refers to the maximum aggregate amount of benefits payable by AXA in any one (1) Policy Year and is shown on the policy schedule for the applicable plan option. The overall annual benefit limit is counted afresh in each and every policy year.

AXA Hong Kong, a member of the AXA Group, prides itself on serving over 1 million customers* in Hong Kong and Macau. Besides being one of the largest health protection providers in Hong Kong, it is also the #1 General Insurance provider^ and the #1 insurance brand worldwide for the ninth consecutive year#.
AXA Hong Kong has a clear goal of ’empowering people to live a better life’. This is reflected in everything we do. AXA Hong Kong is one of the most diversified insurers providing a full range of coverage for individual and commercial customers. We offer all-round, integrated solutions across Life, Health and Property & Casualty to address all their insurance needs.
AXA Hong Kong leverages on Big Data and AI to transform the end-to-end customer experience, making insurance simpler and more personal. As an innovative insurer, we continue to drive innovation notably in health and protection, supporting customers in prevention, treatment and recovery.
We also believe it is our inherent responsibility to support the communities in which we operate. The AXA Foundation is our flagship corporate social responsibility programme covering all of our efforts in promoting health, education and community support to create a positive and lasting impact for Hong Kong.

Including customers of AXA China Region Insurance Company Limited, AXA China Region Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited (incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability), and AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited

Based on 2016 Insurance Authority market share statistics represented by overall gross premiums

Interbrand Best Global Brand 2017 (By brand value)

About HKSH Medical Group
HKSH Medical Group, officially launched in September 2017, promotes public health and advanced medicine through a multi-faceted, coordinated approach in clinical services, medical education, scientific research and public health education. Members of the Group, including Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, HKSH Healthcare and the soon-to-be commissioned HKSH Eastern Medical Centre, are dedicated to offering top-quality holistic care to patients, upholding the motto "Quality in Service, Excellence in Care".
Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, established in 1922, is one of the leading private hospitals in Hong Kong known for its high quality of patient care based on advanced knowledge, expertise and technology. With about 500 beds and more than 30 specialist centres, the Hospital is committed to ensuring clinical and health care excellence in a pleasant, comfortable and modern environment.
HKSH Healthcare comprises a network of medical centres, which aim at delivering state-of-the-art and patient-centred care in Hong Kong. It offers top-quality community care, primary care and specialty care at convenient locations throughout Hong Kong. HKSH Healthcare Medical Centre located at One Pacific Place in Admiralty, currently offers ophthalmology, refractive surgery, dental care, digestive medicine, endoscopy, day surgery, pain management, cardiology, dermatology, plastic and reconstructive surgery and skin laser services. Meanwhile, family medicine and primary care services are provided by HKSH Healthcare centres in Central, Taikoo, Island West and North Point. Oncology, neurology, rheumatology, and endocrine and diabetes services are also provided at our Central location while geriatric medicine services are available in both Central and Island West. Located in Tanner Hill, North Point, the Senior Citizen Wellness Centre is also now in service.
Certain statements contained herein may be forward-looking statements including, but not limited to, statements that are predictions of or indicate future events, trends, plans or objectives. Undue reliance should not be placed on such statements because, by their nature, they are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties and can be affected by other factors that could cause actual results and AXA’s plans and objectives to differ materially from those expressed or implied in the forward-looking statements. Please refer to Part 4 – "Risk factors and risk management" of AXA’s Document de Référence (Annual Report) for the year ended December 31, 2016, for a description of certain important factors, risks and uncertainties that may affect AXA’s business, and/or results of operations. AXA undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any of these forward-looking statements, whether to reflect new information, future events or circumstances or otherwise.
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