3th Shanghai International Private Health Management Expo 2015

Concurrent: “Private Health Management” Innovation Brand Forum

Time: April 24-26, 2015   Place: Shanghai Exhibition Center

  • Expo review

The “Private Health Management Expo” was completely ended in Shanghai Exhibition Center on March 28-30, 2014. The three-day expo attracted a total of over 100 overseas and domestic enterprises from more than 10 countries and areas to participate. Since 2013 when it was held for the first time, the annual “PHME Shanghai Private Health Management Expo” has become a professional brand expo which is famous in the industry after 2 years of development. It is an annual health management industry event which has the greatest influence and is valued by a lot of manufacturers in China.

After being held for two years, the “Private Health Management Expo” has attracted over 100 famous enterprises from China, USA, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Ukraine, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and areas to participate, including the Class A tertiary hospital General Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army which is top in China, China Ping’an High-end Medical Insurance, High-end Medical Brand-iHealthway of iKang Guobin Healthcare Group, German Fresh Stem Cells, Ukraine Embryonic Stem Cell Transplant Treatment Center, Singapore Raffles Medical Group, Swiss Medical Care 21st Century, 301 International Medical Center, Swiss Beiris, CSH, Bo’ai Hospital, A P A CORPORATION, JAPAN, CONTINUUM, Swiss Doctor Varro’s Outpatient Hospital, Dwoo International, Swiss PHC Health Center, Swiss Montreux MRC, Swiss Savoy Lemmon, Elikeme Medical, WONJIN Aesthetic Group, BANOBAGI Group, Korea Global Beauty Medical Group, Korea Beauty Line, JOSHO International Co., Ltd, JBP, Medical Tourism Japan Co., Ltd, Japan GMC General Medicine, International Medical Service Center of Paul Gerhard Del Connie Group, Biomobie Regenerative Medicine, Sailaimaide (Shanghai) Health, Shanghai Qianqi Health Management Consulting, Oambio, Chindex, Reproductive Partners, Senlingcao, Meirui Younuo International Health Technology, Taiwan BIOLET, Taiwan Herui, Taiwan Yihong International, Bioscor, Hong Kong Golden Eagle Group, Jilin Aodong Ohtaka Enzyme Co., Ltd, Wanda International Travel Agency, NPO Greenlife, etc.;

Private health management is a comprehensive management process with the personal health as the top factor, serves the private health management organizations for the rich class and the “Golden Collar” people, and has been an industry which has quite large scale and high potential in China. The potential scale of China’s health management market is tens of billions of Yuan, among which only billions of Yuan has been shown in the present stage. China’s private health management industry saves up strength to start out, and the private health management organizations are faced with brand-new opportunities and challenges.

  • Brief Information of Exhibition


Chinese Medical Doctor Association Health Management and Medical Insurance Specialized Committee

China Preventive Medicine Association Health Risk Assessment and Controlling Specialized Committee

Self-Care Magazine

Supported By:                          

Shanghai International Medical Communication Center

Health Management and Policy Center of China Europe International Business School

Shanghai Social Health Institution Trade Association

Shanghai Medical Association Health Management Branch

Shanghai Health Management Research Society

Shanghai Nutrition Institute

Shanghai Health Care Product Institute

Undertaker unit: Shanghai Shunzhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

  • Supporting media

China Business News, Dragon TV, STV, ZJTV, Jiangsu TV, Mobile TV, 39 Health Network, Top Medical Network, China Health Management Network, 21st Century Business Herald, China’s Health Industry, Medical Circle, “Medical Valley”, Phoenix, Sohu, Netease, Sina, Tencent, Shanghai Radio & TV Weekly, Xinmin Evening News, Morning News, Shenjiang Service Guide, Times, Shanghai Business, The Bund, etc.;

  • Exhibition scope

☆ Anti-aging products            ☆Luxury healthcare                 ☆High-end medical insurance

☆Health management organization  ☆Private health insurance             ☆Cosmetology

☆ Medical technology            ☆ Foreign-funded medical organization  ☆Private doctor

☆ Confinement club              ☆ Healthcare products               ☆Remote health management

☆Health management equipment    ☆Hospital, healthcare club, relevant organizations, etc.;

  • The Organizing Committee specially set the following supports: (please contact the Organizing Committee for details)

1 chief sponsor      2 Diamond Sponsors     3 Platinum Sponsors

1. Press conference support    2. Forum support   3. Dinner support      4. Flowers support

5. Gift support for VIP’s lucky draw   6. Drinks support  7. Support award changed by ticket

8. Support for VIP’s designated car

  • Relevant activities
  1. In order to expand the authority of the expo and the participation of professionals, the organizing committee will invite the authoritative professionals in the industry to hold relevant seminars on the development trend, market demand and new technologies of China’s health management during the Expo.
  2. During the Expo, the sponsor will invite domestic and foreign famous manufacturers to organize technical seminars, so as to exchange ideas over international technologies, economy and trade, and introduce products. All the units can apply to hold the seminars to the organizer, and please set the theme.
  3. Concurrent: 6th Shanghai International High-end Lifestyle Exhibition 2015
  • Exhibition procedures
  1. The exhibitors choose the booth area and positions.
  2. Within 3 working days after both parties sign the exhibition contract, the exhibitors shall pay the booth fee to the organizing committee by T/T, then the contract takes effect and the booth is reserved.
  3. After remitting the fee, the exhibitors are required to fax the bank money order to the organizing committee;
  4. The booth sequence distribution principle is: “The booths will be first distributed to the exhibitors who apply and pay the money first”, and 10% more will be charged for the booths with both sides open;
  5. Check-in and exhibition arrangement (In order to keep the overall image of the Expo, the organizing committee reserves the right to negotiate with the exhibitors to finally adjust the booth positions)
  • Participation method

If your unit applies for participating in the exhibition, please properly fill in Exhibition participation application form and agreement, and send it to Shanghai Shun Zhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., after affixed public seal by mailing or faxing:


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