The Popular organizer of interactive Perfume Making Workshops introduces “Scent-OSA”, an immersive DIY Perfume-making show that offers tourists and Singapore residents the opportunity to discover the wonders of Singaporean orchids through the art of perfumery
SINGAPORE, Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — In line with the company’s goal of revealing the amazing smells of Singaporean orchids to as many people as possible, including tourists and travelers, Perfume Workshop has opened a new location at the heart of Singapore’s go-to tourist spot, "the Island of Sentosa." Called Scent-OSA, the perfume workshop is located at the popular Sentosa Nature Discovery Center.

Scent-OSA : New Attraction at the heart of Sentosa. Designed for Singaporeans looking to experience something unforgettable. Appretiate Singapore’s rich floral & heritage, be involved in a hands-on activity, while being part of an immersive show. Make your Signature Orchid scent based on your personality.

The name is actually an acronym, called "Scent- Orchids of Singapore Adventure", and true to their belief, Scent-OSA uses wide range of Orchid infused fragrance oils. Participants will take a short personality test to see which of these oils will suit them, then mix and match these fragrances until they create their own unique perfume to take home with them. Watch the video in the link below to learn more about this amazing olfactory experience –

The tourism industry in Singapore has grown tremendously, now attracting over 17 million tourists per year. The country is also environmentally friendly and maintains natural and heritage conservation programs. Our little red dot truly has done amazing work on flora and has developed beautiful and even hi-tech parks. Unfortunately, Singapore’s Orchids and their beautiful scents did not get the attention that they deserved. Orchids are normally appreciated for their looks and are seen on top of most road-side trees in Singapore. However, not many people know them or appreciate them for their amazing scents and therapeutic benefits.
Most people nowadays have come across new-age Orchid hybrids, which have unfortunately lost their scent during the hybridization process. Sadly, not many people come across the native-orchids any more, which are pollinated by bees just like roses or Jasmin, and have amazing scents to attract the bee-pollinators.
Perfume Workshop is working hard to bring back this seemingly lost glory for several years. This immersive digital perfume-making show is the latest edition to attract millennials.
The Scent-OSA workshop features a perfume making show that is projected right in front of attendees. The digital e-perfumer at Scent-osa assists participants throughout the perfume-making process so they make their signature scent based on their personality.
This serves as a unique souvenir for tourists and a great corporate event for Singapore residents.
With its lush greenery, Sentosa Nature Discovery is the most ideal location for such an incredible event, creating an amazing ambience for attendees. Featuring native orchids of Singapore, the show also is the latest tourist activity Singapore, showing participants unexplored side of the Green City.
Perfume Workshop offers a wide collection of therapeutic orchids of Asia as well as fragrance oils that are infused with native orchid oils.
"We hope to bring attention to the rich Singaporean flora, not just visually, but also through scents."
"One can always admire the visual respite that the flora offers, but isn’t it better to experience these beautiful flowers by smelling them? This inspired us to create a perfumery where you can experience the clean and green garden city of Singapore via its scents."
For more information about the "Scent-OSA" and the projects from Perfume Workshop, please visit – and Facebook.
About Perfume Workshop
Perfume Workshop is an organizer of perfume making shows that project the rich orchids of Singapore. The company organizes interactive Perfume Making show in different parts across Singapore.
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