Rebel Against Busyness, Return To Wellness
SINGAPORE, Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — RE:WELL REBELS is launching its first retreat at Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore from 1 to 3 November. People don’t need to travel to an obscure location just to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Thanks to RE:WELL REBELS, serenity is now just around the corner in the form of a luxurious, city-based wellness retreat.
Being based in the city means that these retreats are often at the heart of the busyness. It is a bold, but also deliberate choice as it is in places where the pressure is high that people most need the space to rest, rejuvenate and refresh, founder, Anastasia Ling explains.
Ms Ling, fondly known as the "walking directory" and "connector" by those close to her, left her corporate job managing a global luxury lifestyle brand, to start RE:WELL REBELS with this in mind: to make wellness accessible to the masses.
Passionately, she declares: "It is time for people to take back ownership of their health, rather than giving it away to the government, doctors or insurance companies."
RE:WELL REBELS will facilitate this with two signature programmes: 3D2N stay-over retreats and half-day wellness programmes.
Each programme combines the best of ancient wisdom with evidence-based science, bringing together a community of experts to share their unique skillsets. Activities will vary for each programme, each falling into one of the following categories:

Movement classes to explore how different styles and practices can unlock freedom in the body
Cooking classes focused on making healthy, plant-based diets tasty and interesting
Talks and workshops covering a wide range of topics
Mindful eating to encourage participants to slow down and reflect
Bodywork to reverse tightness, tension and tiredness built up in muscles

Reiterating her goal of making wellness accessible to those who need it, Ms Ling emphasises that she designed her programs to overcome barriers that one might face, carefully ensuring options "no matter where one is along their wellness journey".
For example, by being city-based, one can visit the retreat without the hassle of booking flight tickets and managing different modes of transportation. And for those with more difficult schedules, there is a flexible three-tier pricing scheme for the stay-over retreats:

The Devoted: for those who will commit to the full duration of the retreat
The Explorer: for those who wish to visit for a half-day duration
The Curious: for this who wish to drop in to try out an activity or workshop

Stay-over retreats also feature a RWR Wellness Lounge with free talks and workshops for the general public to learn more about health and wellness and plans are in the pipeline to create more of these spaces across the island. Finally, catering to families, the future will see 2D1N family retreats for parents to bring their children.
Ultimately, Ms Ling says: "I hope that people can be empowered with knowledge to make the optimal health and wellness decisions for them and their families to live the best lives they can. After all, true wellness should happen wherever you are."
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Source: prnasia