SINGAPORE, March 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Geberit AquaClean shower toilet combines convenience, design and sustainability with the known Geberit quality to create innovative bathroom solutions.

Product designer, Christoph Behling, standing with the Geberit AquaClean Mera shower toilet.

In ancient China, toilets were wooden buckets filled with water called ‘matongs’ (translates to ‘horse bucket’ in Chinese), which also means ‘toilet bowls’ today.
From buckets to flush toilets and recently, smart toilets, Asian toilets have evolved significantly and still sees a diversity of toilet habits, but what lies in the future?
A variety of habits
Toilet habits have also evolved through time and today, Asia has two main methods of cleaning up after using the toilet – water or toilet paper. Toilet paper has a long history in Asia. In the 2nd century to 6th century BC, the Chinese invented paper and were also the first to use toilet paper. When paper became widely available, toilet paper was then commercially produced in America and used worldwide.
Southeast Asians usually prefer water, especially Hindu and Muslim cultures. Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand use plastic dippers and a pail, while bidet sprays (also called ‘bum guns’) are common in countries like Singapore and Malaysia. However, toilet paper is still considered the more ‘modern’ way.
Water or toilet paper?
According to world-renowned product designer, Christoph Behling, the answer is clear. "Anyone who’s ever tried to use a dry cloth to clean up their mucky children or to wash dirty dishes without water, however, will know that things aren’t always so straightforward!"
Experts agree toilet paper is less sanitary and excessive wiping can cause infections. Besides, water is more environmentally friendly.
Where technology met design
Having designed for global brands TAG Heuer and Reebok, Behling thought toilets had much room for improvement. He said, "Compare a 100-year-old period water closet with a modern toilet. For the most part, the two designs share the same basic functions. At the same time, every conversation we have about toilets is somehow tinged with a sense of shame, though the product itself is still pretty poor."
With Behling’s design mastery and Geberit’s expertise in sanitary technology, a product to stand the test of time was created.
The Geberit AquaClean Mera can be incorporated seamlessly into any bathroom. Comfort functions like a gentle whirlspray shower, rimless WC ceramic with turboflush, odour extraction, WC seat heating, an orientation light and an automatic toilet lid add a special touch of comfort to every bathroom. Enjoy extra convenience with a remote control.
With a reflective chromium cover between the wall and the toilet bowl, Behling cleverly created the illusion that the WC is detached from the wall and is ‘floating’.
With technology miniaturisation, AquaClean Mera does not occupy more space than a typical WC. Electrical and water supply connections are neatly concealed within the shower toilet, but modular, accessible functions keep installation and maintenance easy.
AquaClean Mera stands for perfect durability, maximum quality, innovation and high technology. Ditch toilet paper for good and embrace a piece of art in the bathroom.
About Geberit
Geberit, the European market leader in sanitary technology, has been developing and producing shower toilets since 1978. Revolutionising comfort technologies and perfecting products for over 40 years, Geberit has established itself as a true expert in this field and is constantly setting new standards for personal hygiene.
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