Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) program of Health Food

According to the China healthcare industry development report, the average annual-growth- rate of healthy food industry has been scored double-digit from 2000 to 2010. The output value of healthy food industry has been over 260 billion RMB in 2010 and value of which will be over 500 billion in 2015. Healthy food industry as an important component of health care is developing well, however the scientific evidence of healthy food functionality is relative limited. How to distinguish the better healthy food? Is it true that the healthy food could improve the healthy condition? Dose healthy food saves the medical expenses?  Is it necessary to develop healthy food industry?

Besheng yuan tea bag EBM conclusion seminar was released in the 5th Healthplex & Nutraceutical China on June 27th, 2014. Muyi Cai (dean of China Institute of Food Fermentation), Yaguang jia (vice general manager of China Health Care Association), Weijian Zhong (director of Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and Yihong Zhao (president of Bisheng Yuan Co.Ltd) have been invited to attend the seminar. The seminar gave the new answer to consumer and healthy food industry by scientific methodology. According to the elementary test, Bisheng Yuan Chuangrun tea bag and weight loss tea bag are effective and safety.

Healthy food EBM program is a large scale systematic and scientific research of healthy food industry held by China Health Care Association. This program mainly adopts literature collection, consumer survey, marketing investigate, scientific experiment including animal test and clinical trial for the proof of the safety and effectiveness of healthy food. Finally, the collected information will be sorted and published in future. The research institute including Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Second Army Medical University and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine were involved in the program. Yihong Zhao, the president of Bisheng Yuan, talked to the media” Bisheng Yuan is inherient of the traditional Chinese tea culture, applying the function of traditional Chinese medicine, developed a serial of healthy tea bag products under the principle of medicine food homology. The main products of Bisheng Yuan Changrun tea bag and weight loss tea bag were developed in 14 years and familiared by Chinese people. Bisheng Yuan is a responsible company and they are confident with their tea bag products. So, they joined the EBM program in responding to the call to China Health Care Association. According to the program,they could understand the scientific evidence better and built the confidence of health care industry for the wellness of consumers.

In future, there will be a number of reports about healthy food EBM program. As long as the released results of variety brands, it will help to select the safety and effective products for consumers. Meanwhile,the scientific reports of the program could provide the evidence for government, making contribution to the medical reform, social development and health care development.