HONG KONG, Nov. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — As the leading B2B international beauty trade show in Asia, Cosmoprof Asia is a business hub for the APAC beauty industry elites and innovative niche brands. It has been a definitive platform to find originalities all over the world and explore future trends for quite a few years. The 24th Cosmoprof Asia will take place at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) from 13 to 15 November this year, and focus on finished goods across all the main cosmetic sectors: perfumery and cosmetics, beauty salon and spa, hair, nail, and accessories, as well as natural and organic.
SANTEMUSE is planning to take a number of R&D achievements powered by the exclusive biotechnology to Cosmoprof Asia 2019, introducing the state-of-the-art biological skin care technology to the world. As the flagship biological skin care brand of Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd., SANTEMUSE has threw itself into cosmetic science since it was established in 2014. At present, it has been equipped with years of solid experience in research and development, and continue to demonstrate the power of domestic skin care brands in its own unique way.
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November 13 – 15, 2019.

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)

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Five collections of SANTEMUSE will take part in Cosmoprof Asia 2019. They are 672 Magic® Serum, SANTEMUSE DNA Customization, three collections of Glint skin care set, Day & Night Multi-Effect Essences, and Special Serums for four seasons.
No.1 SANTEMUSE DNA Customization
Only targeted skin care regimen works.
SANTEMUSE DNA Customization is created to genetically evaluate skin conditions and potential skin issues, such as wrinkles, slackness, and hyper-pigmentation, under different situations. Based on individuals’ unique genetic information and visual skin assessment results, SANTEMUSE will customize targeted boosters in terms of anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-UV and anti-pollution so as to provide each client with the best skin care solution for their skin.
The customized boosters will be blended with a base serum driven by the patented growth factor – Perecells® – and the exclusive transdermal delivery system, both of which enable the bespoke serum to rapidly penetrate into the skin and supply nutrition and energy for basal cells. Skin metabolism and cell vitality are improved subsequently.
No.2 SANTEMUSE Glint Skin Care Set
Benefited from the core biological transdermal technique and the patented bioactive ingredient, Perecells®, SANTEMUSE has particularly developed three skin care collections that target anti-aging, brightening, repairing respectively.

Glint Refresh Anti-Wrinkle Set: The Magic Box to Defy Age

Glint Refresh Anti-Wrinkle Set consists of a double-powered skin care ritual. Glint Refresh Anti-Wrinkle Serum is infused with Perecells®, multiple oligopeptides, and amino acids that are homologous with humans. The ultrastructure of the beneficial ingredients ensures all the actives are introduced to the deeper skin layers and activate fibroblasts to boost collagen, leaving the complexion plump, smooth, and firm.
Glint Refresh Anti-Wrinkle Cream is specifically formulated with prezatide copper acetate, hexapeptide, and peptide combination. This extraordinarily regenerative treatment works to improve elastin vitality and reduce all visible signs of time: wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness, density, and elasticity.

Glint Brightening Luxury Set: The Secret of Crystal Clear

This perfecting duo is enriched with the patented ingredients and brightening actives with high skin tolerability. Under the three-dimensional forces which are restraint, disintegration, and safeguard, Glint Brightening Luxury Set helps to effectively restrain tyrosinase activity, prevent the formation of melanin and dark spots, and bring smooth, luminous skin to light.

Glint Allergy-Relieving Repair Set: The Inflammation Buster

With the progressive transdermal delivery system and biological ingredients (schizophyllan, oligopeptides-1, azulene), Glint Allergy-Relieving Repair Set instantly calms skin discomforts, prevents potential inflammation, and upgrades skin’s overall anti-inflammatory ability to a new and high level.
No. 3 672 Magic® Serum
672 Magic® Serum was jointly developed by Huadong Ningbo Medicine Co., Ltd., Santemuse Inc. in the United States, and College of Pharmaceutical at Zhejiang University. It has received extensive attention from worldwide media and consumers at a variety of international beauty trade fairs, such as Cosme Tokyo 2019 in Japan and Beyond Beauty ASEAN Bangkok in Thailand.
Composed of 88 bioactive factors, Perecells® is more like an omnipotent performer that is proven to provide the deep layer of skin with intense hydration, repairing, brightening, and anti-aging effect. Furthermore, 672 Magic® Serum is deemed as an ideal pre-treatment to enhance the effect of any serum or moisturizer, as well as a good primer for daily make-up.
No.4 Special Serums for Four Seasons
Elaborately formulated to treat different skin concerns under four seasons and environmental changes, SANTEMUSE has developed four particular serums which deliver soothing, brightening, firming, and nourishing effect respectively. 
No.5 Day & Night Multi-Effect Essences
Moisturizing Day Time Essence and Firming Night Time Essence are two items with good reputation. Born out of the belief that skin follows a natural cycle to repair itself, Day & Night Multi-Effect Essences help to deliver all-day-long protection for all skin types. Moisturizing Day Time Essence is responsible for moisturizing protection during the day, while Firming Night Time Essence focuses on making rejuvenation the new reality at night.
SANTEMUSE DNA skin genetic testing will be provided for free on the trade fair. It is predicted that a new round of product trial storm is going to be lit up at SANTEMUSE’s booth (3F-G3A) and that SANTEMUSE are planning to take Asia and the world by storm with brand-new, revolutionary skin care treatments.
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