Attractive to Korean consumers who are seeking colorful eye expressions
Provides comfortability daily color lenses, developed by excellent Korean technology

SEOUL, South Korea, April 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Korea’s famous contact lens maker, B.S. Corporation, has launched the color lens brand ‘IWWI’, which has received a good response.

B.S. Corporation, ‘IWWI’ Color Contact Lens Launching

IWWI contact lenses are available in four colors: Tiam, Risio, Stella, and Placide.
In particular, Stella has the graphics feature with white stars embedded in the lens that looks like there is "space in the eye."
Tiam, Risio and Placide produce exotic eye in many colors and blend in with the original eye color.
‘IWWI’ is made up of various colors and design lineups, enabling consumers to fit in with various kinds of atmosphere.
The ‘IWWI’ color lens meet the needs of users who pursue naturalness, eye health and beauty.
It’s popular in Korea, and users say the new line is "too good to be able to look naturally" through their personal social networks, "they are comfortable to wear every day".
IWWI, a product of B.S. Corporation, which introduces a comfortable daily lens with a trendy color, is expected to trigger a bigger response.
The manufacturer ‘B.S. Corporation’ is a contact lens company established in ‘Baeksansa’, which produces molds for contact lenses and related auxiliary materials for more than 30 years.
The company received ISO13485 and CE certification, medical device quality control ‘KGMP’, and China sanitation approval ‘CFDA’
In order to develop the technology, the company have established their own company research institute and concentrated on producing high quality contact lenses.
Also, to improve production capacity, the company has established a new factory in 2018. The new factory is equipped with the latest equipment and machinery, aiming for the best quality in the industry.
In order to reflect the latest trends, B.S. Corporation is planning to launch new line of ‘IWWI’ in the first half of this year, in the second half of this year, the company plans to release MPC material that maintains moisture even when wearing lenses for a long time with high oxygen permeability and water content.
Company introduction
B.S. Corporation
B.S. Corporation, a famous contact lens maker in Korea, has launched a new lens with a new brand called ‘IWWI’.
B.S. Corporation is a professional contact lens manufacturing company supplying lenses to most lens chain distribution networks in Korea including O-Lens, Davichi, and Lens Town.
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