Menopausal is a critical stage in women where their hormones take a deep plunge and cause a lot of symptoms such as sadness, depression, mood swings, irritability, and even hot flashes. As it is a normal course of nature, there are actually ways to prevent, improve, and treat symptoms experienced by menopausal women through exercise.

Yes, exercise not only helps in losing weight, it prevents diabetes, heart disease, and high levels of fat in the blood. Exercise helps menopausal women by improving mood and wards of depression, as exercise gives off happy hormones in the body which gives a mood boost. Moreover, it can strengthen core muscles and bones, prevents central obesity, and provides good sleep at night. These are the right exercises menopausal women should do:


  • Brisk walking – brisk walking 30 to 45 minutes for at least three times a week can lower blood pressure, improve mood, and give better rest at night.
  • Swimming – a very good aerobic exercise to strengthen the lungs as well as the rest of the body without applying tension to the joints. This must be done for at least three times a week.
  • Dancing – a fun alternative to repetitive exercises, it builds stamina, endurance, and trims down belly fat.
  • Weight training – supervised weight training can help in strengthening bones and muscles, and boost the fat burning capability of our body.
  • Tai chi – tai chi is an exercise art originating from China that can help improve flexibility and sleep patterns.
  • Yoga – another relaxing form of exercise, it helps one to meditate, improve core muscles and flexibility, and can lower down stress levels when performed daily.
  • Kegel’s exercises – this can help tone your muscles in the nether region in order to improve urinary incontinence and bowel movement, as well as one’s sex life.

Doing these exercises as a combination at most days of the week can help in improving the symptoms experienced during menopausal.